Tiny Loss Weigh In

The good thing was that I did have a loss this week.  The, um, less exciting part of it was that I lost .2 pounds to get to 153.2 pounds.  I was hoping to be back to 153 and was annoyed that I wasn’t.  From what I weighed at home, it should have been there.  And, when I weighed in the reading sort of bounced around and then settled at 153.2 instead of 153.

I think the biggest part of it was that Friday I ate slightly higher carbs (98 versus 73 the day before).  While net carbs where still only 75 grams, I know that the body has more water in it when you eat more carbs and releases them when you eat fewer carbs.  So, that couple of pounds isn’t real weight.  I think had I eaten Friday like I did Thursday then I probably would have weighed a little less Saturday.

Still, I want to focus on the fact that I had a great week and I was glad to have any loss.

Afterward, we had a family meal out to celebrate an occasion.  We went to Red Lobster and what I ate ended up being higher calorie than I really thought it was.  I did look it up, but the nutritional info I pulled up (from the Red Lobster web page) was lower than the information on another Red Lobster page of more recent date.  Still, I should be fine for the rest of the week as a whole as long as I am careful for the next 6 days.



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