Good Exercise Day

So, Tuesday was a great exercise day.  On most my days I am happy burn more than 1600 calories (per my Fitbit) and content enough with anything over 1500.  My basal metabolic rate, according to calculators is a bit under 1300 calories a day.  On days that I stay at home and don’t exercise I struggle to get to 1400 calories burned.

But rarely do I go over 1700 calories any more. I used to a year ago, but I weighed a lot more then.  My now smaller body doesn’t burn as many calories.

But, as I said, Tuesday was a great exercise day.

4-7 Fitbit

I burned over 1700 calories and walked 9001 steps.  That is my best step count since I had my trabecular bone injury a year ago.  As you can see from the steps part of the Fitbit display above, I had 3 main times during the day that I walked a lot of steps.

In the morning, I took my daughter to an appointment and had to wait a couple of hours before I could pick her up (too far away from home for me to go home in the meantime).  So I went over to Panera’s in a nearby mall and had lunch.

After I was finished I still had time to spare, so I walked briskly around the mall for about 20 minutes.   Then in the evening, I decided to walk on the treadmill.  The first spike on the steps graph was my first 20 minutes of walking.  I stopped after that 20 minutes, and made dinner (rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and steamed asparagus with a balsamic vinaigrette on it).  After eating, I decided that I could go ahead and do another 20 minutes on the treadmill so I did that as well.  I do often do 40 minutes on the treadmill at once, but I find it sometimes I exercise more vigorously when I do 20 minutes, then take a break and go back and do another 20 minutes.

In the interest of full disclosure, one reason I am trying so hard now is because I had a really high calorie day on Saturday (1991 calories, 53 WW Points Plus) and then Sunday was sort of mediocre.  So, I was really careful Monday and Tuesday.


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