10,079 Steps!

Wednesday was another good day for exercise.  And, I finally got to over 10,000 steps for the first time since I got derailed with my trabecular bone injury last year.

Fitbit 4-8-2015

This was the first time I got to over 10,000 steps since May 1st of last year.  Just about a week after that, I got my MRI results and found out I had a trabecular bone injury was told to use a walker non-weight bearing for a month.  I also found out that I am bone on bone under my left kneecap due to cartilage loss.  Since then, I’ve been very careful with the walking.  On the one hand, I know that non-weight bearing exercises (such as my recumbent bike and using an elliptical) are probably better for my knee.  On the other hand, for just not sitting around the house getting in steps really helps.

I’ve taken it carefully in terms of recovering and am still much more cautious about where I walk.  Our subdivision is hilly and there are some hills that I just don’t walk on anywhere because I want to avoid stress to my knee.  I do walk in the subdivision, but on the hills that are not as steep.

And, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how the knee feels.  And, I feel like I’ve been cautious in increasing steps.

Anyway, Tuesday I did well with exercise and calorie burn partly because I was out and about and had more opportunities to get steps apart from exercise.  Today, I didn’t really have those opportunities.  I was at home for almost the whole day.  I did go out once but it wasn’t an outing that involved many steps.  So, most of the day I was at home and at the computer.  I did go walking outside with my husband for about 40 minutes and that was great.  But, I looked at my Fitbit and realized I was going to end the day with about 6500 or so steps and probably 1550 or so calories burned.

I realize that I need to do better if I want to lose these last 7 pounds or so to get to my current goal weight.  I didn’t really need to go anywhere else and wasn’t going to be walking around much at home tonight.

So, I had dinner (mixed greens salad with chicken) and then walked another 30 minutes or so on the treadmill.  I walked with no incline and not very fast since this was really more just to get in steps and burn some more calories rather than trying to be anything very intense.

When I got finished I was at about 9500 steps and thought I would hit 1700 calories burned.  Then, I used the computer for awhile.  I realized right before midnight that I was, by then, only 300 steps away from 10,000 steps.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so I turned the treadmill back on and quickly did enough steps to get over 10,000 right before midnight.

I realize that this is really the key to getting a reasonable calorie burn on those days when I don’t go out somewhere.  In addition to my actual formal exercise, I need to just get in some more lower intensity steps to just increase my overall calorie burn.  Of course, if my knee starts hurting I will pull back but so far it has been fine.


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      Well, I’m a night owl (I go to bed about 2 AM) so it was fine for me (and it was only a few minutes). But, I could never exercise early in the morning.
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