Weigh In – A Star for Me!

Finally, I got another 5 pound loss star at Weight Watchers.  I ended up having a terrific weigh in.  I lost 1.4 pounds to get to 151.8 pounds.

4-11-2015 Weigh in

I know, I know, some people aren’t happy with anything less than a 2 pound loss, but this is a terrific loss for me, particularly so close to goal.  I was just ecstatic.  I’m only 3.8 pounds away from not having to pay to attend to Weight Watchers meetings (5.8 to goal).

What I was happy about was that I had the week not start out that great, but managed to come up with a plan for the rest of the week.  Last Saturday was a family occasion and we ate out.  I ate over 1900 calories (53 points) for the day.  Then, Sunday, we went out again.  This was a more ordinary eating out, but I barely had a deficit for that day.  When Monday morning rolled around I had no calorie deficit for the weekend and was in the hole by 500 calories.  I needed to get back to a deficit and I wanted to do well enough that I hoped I could get at least below my previous low of 153 pounds.

First, I planned to eat toward the minimum for the rest of the week.  I really worked hard on the fruits and vegetables to eat foods that were lower calorie.  Then, I really worked on exercise.  I really turned up the volume of exercise and walked a lot, both outside and on the treadmill.  Friday, it was raining outside and I wanted to be careful with my knee not to walk too many days in a row, so I used the exercise bike.  So, I was really happy to get up this morning and see that was going to have such a great loss this week.I plan to try to follow a similar exercise plan this week, but spread my calories out more evenly over the week in terms of eating.


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