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So, Saturday was a disappointing weigh in. I am fairly convinced that this is primarily water retention due to the higher level of exercise I’ve been doing. I think it will resolve either by the end of this week or the next. If not, I’ll reassess.  I have not let this derail me this weekend.

Weekends are usually not as good on the activity front or the eating front, since we usually go out to eat both Saturday and Sunday.  And, I often take off one of those days from exercise.  However, I really didn’t want to lose focus right now.  And, I was mindful of the fact that the weather was allowing me to walk outside.  It was rainy part of the weekend so that cooled it down so I could tolerate walking outside (the Texas heat and humidity starts being unpleasant around now).  In a few weeks, I know I won’t be able to walk outside for several months, unless the rain cools things down occasionally.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity to walk outside Saturday and Sunday.

This is Sunday’s Fitbit summary done at about 11:40 PM.

4-19 Fitbit

I was able to get over 10,000 steps again (that is on the Charge HR – my One has me at 11,392).  We walked outside for 43 minutes. That workout is shown twice – once for Digifit with my chest strap and the other the data from the Charge HR.  It shows the bpm from the Charge HR and graph from the Charge HR.  The Digifit website shows the bpm and graph for the chest strap but that does transfer over the Fitbit website.  The calories that I receive credit for are those from Digifit (204), not those from the Charge HR.

If you look at my heart rate graph you can see it spiking up several times.  I got up late (almost 11:00) and that is the first spike.  The second spike is when we were getting ready to go out to eat.  The spikes from 2:00 to almost 4:00 are from using going out to eat and then going shopping and walking around during shopping.  The spikes after that until the tallest spike was when I was doing some work around the house (decluttering).  The largest spike was our walk outside for 43 minutes.  I was going to leave it at that, but then I realized I was at about 8500 steps so I could eat to 10k if I walked another 15 minutes or so.  So the spike about 10 pm was me walking 20 minutes on the treadmill.  The spike in heart rate that I was happiest it captured was when I was doing the work around the house (that was reflected in spikes on the graph of my calorie burn as well).  Without the heart rate monitoring I am not sure all of that would have been captured.  I was walking around during some of it, but not all of it although I was moving (going through books and DVDs and sorting them out).

I also focused closely on eating.  Satuday, we went to a Mediterranean restaurant and I actually ended up having an entirely meatless day.  I didn’t really set out to do it but it ended up that way.  Sunday, we went to Chili’s and I had salmon and shrimp with broccoli and garlic tomatoes.  On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks and I had a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappucino with nonfat milk and no whip (the smallest size).  It was only 190 calories.  It has way more sugar in it than I usually will have, but I tested my blood sugar afterwards a couple of times and it was fine.  That is probably because my meal was quite low carb.  I do want to hasten to add that this drink is something I have maybe 4 times a year or so.  Even with that, I still ended the day a little under 100 carbs so I was happy with it overall.

I was glad to end the weekend with a 500 calorie deficit on Saturday and 659 on Sunday which is way better than I usually do.  To be clear, I realize that these numbers are not necessarily totally accurate.  I am more interested in comparing how I’m doing now to how I’ve been doing on past weekends and this was way better.

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