Recharge Day

Monday ended up being a recharge day, where I basically didn’t do much at all.  I woke up and was sore from some of the decluttering work I had done around the house on Sunday.  I also decided this was a good day to take a day off from exercise.  The last day off was Saturday before last.  I had planned to take this last Saturday off, but the weather was good to walk outside.  Soon, it will be too hot to walk outside so I wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather on the weekend.

I did spend a little bit of time taking books out of a couple of bookcases and then rearranging them. In other words, when we moved in here 3 years ago I put them in the shelves without arranging them.  The decluttering I did over the weekend was partly getting rid of books that (1) are now available on Kindle so we could replace them, or (2) we don’t want to read again.  As I started working on the books, I could really tell I was sore from the work I did over the weekend.

I realized sometime this evening that while I would probably end up burning at least 1400 calories today, my calorie deficit is going to end up around 485 or so.  I had wanted it to be closer to 500.  I was really tempted to get on the exercise bike for 20 minutes or to walk on the treadmill a little.  But, for the sake of my knee, I really did feel it was best to take this day off completely from an activity standpoint.

I ate lightly today since I knew I wasn’t going to have much activity.  It was one of those days that unintentionally ended up being meatless.  For dinner, I made a frittata again.  This time I added just a little bit of chili powder and Sriracha sauce and it was really super good.

Tuesday, I plan to go back to the exercise I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks and hope to have a calorie deficit (per Fitbit) of 750 calories.  That may be difficult since I’ll be away from home most of the day and will be eating lunch out, but we’ll see.

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