Birthday Weigh In

For the second year in a row, my birthday was on weigh in day.  I weighed in for a .2 pound loss to get back to 151.8 pounds. I was glad to have a loss but it was still a little frustrating because I had another stellar week. I ate really well and exercised 486 minutes (some of that was light exercise on the exercise bike while reading just to burn some extra calories).  Fitbit says my calorie deficit was an average of 612 calories a day, which would be 4286 calories for the week.  So, losing .2 to get back to where I was 2 weeks ago is annoying.  Fitbit calorie deficit would say that over those weeks I should lose 2.4 pounds.  I don’t expect to actually do that, but it should be better than simply staying the same over that 2 weeks.  As I said last week, some of my reading indicated that increasing aerobic exercise can cause water retention for 2 or 3 weeks.  So, I’ll give it another week to see what happens.

Anyway, on to the birthday celebration.

Kitty (4) cropped

No, I didn’t eat all this myself!


Just like last year, I chose to go to Carrabba’s for lunch.  I had a Quest bar (4 points, 160 calories) to eat at my Weight Watchers meeting and then had lunch at Carrabba’s. I decided this year (like last) that I would eat whatever I truly wanted today.  Yes, I had 1/3 of that dessert, but shared it with my husband. I calculated lunch at 35 39 points (1285 1445 calories)(forgot the Mozzarella Cheesestick I ate).  I will have something light to eat this evening and the day will end up fine.

Here are a few pictures we took after we went home after lunch. I don’t usually post pictures of me here.  This is because I usually hate pictures of me. I think these are the first I’ve posted since my last birthday.  I’ve lost 21.6 pounds since then so it’s time for an update pic anyway.

IMG_0051 cropped

Me! On my birthday.

Kitty Charles Fluffy

My husband and I and 2 of our cats

Kitty Family 2

Kitty, Charles and 2 of our kids

This was also the one year anniversary of my husband getting to goal.  He has done great and is 5.6 pounds below where he was one year ago.  I hope to soon join him at goal (5.8 pounds for me to go)!


Quick edit just to show my photo from my birthday last year to compare to this year’s photo:

Me, on my birthday 2014, 34 pounds thinner than my high weight.

Me, on my birthday 2014, 34 pounds thinner than my high weight.


IMG_0051 cropped

Me on my birthday, 2015. 21.6 pounds lighter than last birthday.



  1. says

    Happy birthday Kitty!

    I think I spent too much time looking at the cake picture, hopefully the calories doesn’t count LOL

    Strange how sometimes losing weight work, a stellar week with a large calories deficit should translate in actually losing more weight and it doesn’t. Some other times, it’s the opposite and you end up losing more weight… I guess every thing balance out at the end of a longer time frame.

    Nice family picture 🙂
    Richard M. recently posted…Sweet Ball of FireMy Profile

    • says

      Alas, the calories do count which makes it good that I only eat that kind of thing very rarely and I did share!

      Sometimes, I think the body just has to “catch up” to the calorie deficit. I know it will show up eventually….
      Kitty recently posted…Birthday Weigh InMy Profile

  2. Dana says

    Look how beautiful you look! Love the picture of you and your family – definitely a keeper! I can really see a difference between the 2 pictures. I hope that you can tell how inspiring you are by the other members’ comments each week in our WW meeting. People are remembering the things you say and they are using it as motivation to help them. Great job! See you next Saturday, Kitty!

  3. michelle says

    You look great! I just found your blog and I recently started weight watchers. It has helped me. Thank you for blogging!

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