Unofficially Less Than 5 Pounds To Go

This morning on my home weigh in, I was at 150.9 pounds which puts me 4.9 pounds away from my goal weight.  That puts me within 5 pounds of getting to my Weight Watchers goal.  Of course, I would weigh in a little higher at Weight Watchers since I wear clothes there.  My current scale weighs “heavy” (about half a pound more than the scale it replaced) and usually I weigh in at Weight Watchers about .2 of a pound more that what I weigh in at home.

Still, I am down .8 pounds on my home scale from where I weighed on it Saturday morning.  Note that I ate out on Saturday (50 points – 1825 calories) and didn’t exercise that day so didn’t have a calorie deficit.  I did have one on Sunday.  Most of the lower weight between Saturday and this morning is part of last week’s should have been loss showing up this week.  I hope this continues for the rest of this week.

Cooking Note:  In my Weight Watchers meeting the other week, someone suggested a different way to “boil” eggs.  Put each egg in a cup in a muffin tin (no water).  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  I did this today (to make tuna salad) and it worked great.  The eggs came out great (none of that green between yolk and white) and were easy to peel.  Yes, it takes longer than boiling, but requires no babysitting.


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