April Report

April was a really good month.  I was happy with everything, except my overall weight loss.  But, I’m optimistic that I’ll show a good loss tomorrow which will mostly be reflecting what I did in April.

Fitbit 4-2015

This is an overall report from Fitbit.  The first graph shows how my steps increased over the month.  I ended up with a lot of days over 10,000 steps.  The low step days after the first week were mostly days that I was intentionally taking off so I don’t stress my knee too much.

Calories In v. Out

The calories in versus out graph shows that there were only 2 days when I took in more calories than I burned.  One of those days was my birthday, and the other was on a day that we had a family event eating out. Otherwise, I had a pretty good deficit.  By the numbers, this would say I should be down 4.5 pounds, but my actual loss was 1.6 pounds.  However, I think that I should have a loss tomorrow.


I only started tracking sleep again when I got my new Fitbit Charge HR on April 9th.  I would like to have 7 hours of sleep.  This says I met it part of the time.  Actually, this is a little over optimistic because sometimes the Charge HR thinks I’m asleep when I’m really just laying in bed quietly trying to sleep.

Comparison to Prior Months

What I was really happy about was the comparison of April to prior recent months. I ended up averaging 7292 steps a day.  That is more than double last month and is actually my highest month ever since I started the blog.  I’m hoping my knee will hold up to it.  I’m not getting pain under the knee cap, but I have a little pain on the inside side of my left sleep (so the right side of that knee).  It isn’t terribly bad, but it isn’t going away so it is a little worrisome.  I plan to soon do a follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon and I will discuss it with him if it doesn’t go away.

I averaged 1679 calories burned per day which is over 200 calories a day more than last month.  The only times I was burning more than that were early last year when I weighed 30 pounds or so more than now.  Calories eaten were good for the month and within the range I was shooting for.  The calorie deficit (per Fitbit) was 531 calories a month which is better than it has been since April of last year.  I am mindful that all these calories burned and calories eaten probably aren’t exact, but this does give me a comparison.


I upped my activity a lot in April.  I started tracking the minutes of exercise per day and per week.  During April, my average per day was 60 minutes.  Some of this was fairly low intensity.  I would hop on the exercise bike and pedal along while reading.  This gave me extra calories burned, but wasn’t really a huge workout.  But, sometimes it was more intense on the bike and my outside walks and treadmill were more intense.  During April I averaged 346 minutes a week of exercise, compared to 48 in March (104 in February, 159 in January).  I was really happy with the effort I put in and I know this had a lot to do with my overall calorie burn being higher.

What I Ate

In terms of what I ate, I did better in April.  I did well in limiting highly processed foods and avoiding junk food.  I increased my fruits/veggies per day to 3.5, but I want to get it up to at least 5.  I did meet that on many days, but I had some days I didn’t do well at all. Those days were mostly low calorie days when I ate more protein than anything else.  I did a lot more cooking and food that really helped with limiting processed food.

Other Stuff

I also did better on other non-weight related stuff.  I did better on time management/balance.  Not perfect, but definitely progress.  I also really started on the decluttering project (working on papers today).  I am reading a really good book on forming habits and will be posting more about that.  Overall, I’m happy with how things are going.


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