A Birthday Celebration (My Son’s This Time)

Sunday was a pretty good day.  It was my (our) son’s 21st birthday.

Cookie Cake

We went out to Pei Wei for lunch.  I looked at the menu carefully before going and had the small kung pao shrimp with brown rice and 2 vegetable spring rolls.  Eating wise, I was happy with the day (I ate very lightly the rest of the day).  He did want a cookie cake and I had a very small piece.

The only bad thing about the day is that I didn’t get any pictures of me with my son. Normally on birthdays I take some family pictures of all of us together.  And, for this one, my husband would have taken some pictures with me in them.  And, since Alex’s girlfriend was there she could have taken some pictures of him, my husband, my daughter and me together (which normally we don’t get to do since one of us has to take pictures).

But, I forgot.  I did get some pics of everyone else.  But, I forgot to ask someone to take some of me and no one else thought of it either.  We had some stuff to after doing the cookie cake and I forgot to get back to it.  It wouldn’t upset me so much, except this was the 21st birthday and I would have liked to have a picture of us together.  Of course, I have pictures from my birthday last weekend and I will get some next weekend for Mother’s Day, but I still wish I hadn’t forgotten.

Still, even though I was upset about it when I remembered (after he had left to go back to school – an hour away), I stayed on track eating wise.  I exercised so still had an OK calorie deficit for the day (a little over 500 calories).

One May special occasion down without derailing my eating….


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