First Training Session

This was the day that I had my first training session at the YMCA.


This was mostly a session for the trainer to determine what weights to start me with and for me to do one or two sets of each exercise to learn how to properly do them and make sure the weight was correct.

I am a big believer in some of the research I’ve read that people do tend to accomplish more when they work with a trainer.  The very first thing he started with was bicep curls using dumbbells.  My first thought was that the 7.5 pound dumbbells were a little heavy for me (I warned him I was really weak).  As I did them, it got harder and harder and the last 3 were quite difficult.  But, they were possible for me to do.  Had I been doing this on my own I would have stopped after about 4 or 5 repetitions and would have moved down to 5 pounds.

We also worked on some of the machines.  He says I’ll be some things on the machines and some not.  I know that machines are not ideal for the long term.  But, right now, starting where I am, I am happy to do them.  Particularly, since I plan to do 1 session by myself each week.  I’ll work with him on Mondays and Wednesdays and plan to do another session on Saturday afternoons.  I could do it Friday, but I weigh in on Saturday so I don’t like to do strength training the day before weigh in (tends to cause a temporary weight gain).

At the end, he had me do step ups for 1 minute.  I was happy to find out that it didn’t bother my knee and that I could do it for the 1 minute without falling over gasping.  This was another example showing that my cardiovascular fitness has really seemed to improve since I upped my exercise minutes almost 6 weeks ago.

After I got home, I walked outside with my husband for about 45 minutes (it was unusually cool as it had rained earlier in the day).  Then, later, I did another 20 minutes on the treadmill since I like to do 1 hour of walking on most days.  I decided to do a little more so I did a fairly light 20 minutes on the exercise bike as well.

I also realized that I may not weigh in at Weight Watchers until May 30th!  I didn’t really intend for that to happen.  The Ironman Texas Triathlon is this Saturday.  Where it starts is only a few blocks from where my Weight Watchers meeting is located.  Even worse, I can’t even really leave my subdivision that morning as the bike course is on many of the nearby streets.  So…weighing in Saturday is really just not an option at all.  I had totally not realized that it was this weekend until my husband mentioned it.

Then, the following weekend we’ll be out of town for a couple of days for a family wedding.  Theoretically, I could go to a meeting at another location on another, but my husband isn’t enthusiastic about either of those alternatives (and since he is lifetime he doesn’t really need to go again this month, although he usually does go with me).  I could go by myself, but I have a lot to do what with the personal training sessions and a bunch of other things I need to do before going out of town.  If I can fit it in during next week I will, just not sure that I can.  Part of that is that with doing the strength training I know it will cause me to retain water for the first couple of weeks especially. I wasn’t worried about it since my session are on Monday and Wednesday and I normally go to Weight Watchers on Saturday.  So, that is fine.  But, since I can’t go to Weight Watchers next week on Friday or Saturday that would leave me going on either the day I go to the trainer or the day after, neither of which is optimal.  So, we’ll see.  But, it is looking like I won’t be weighing in until the 30th.  Of course, I’m still weighing in every day at home.

On my experiment of eating higher calorie for 3 days, I am not sure yet how that is going to turn out.  Immediately after, I was up 4 pounds on the scale.  That didn’t bother me since I expected it.  I have come down a couple of pounds since then, but not sure how quickly the rest will come up since I’m doing the strength training which will causing temporary weight gain.

I am back to eating normally (Sunday was a higher calorie day, but within the range of my normal weekend eating).  I’ll just continue on and I’ll see what happens.


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