XBox & Fitness (and more Y)

Today was a fitness day.  That was to make up for yesterday when I did no exercise.  Monday night I had a terrible time sleeping and didn’t fall asleep until after 5:00 AM.  I was tired the whole day and a little sore from my workout Monday with the personal trainer.  So I took the day off from exercise.  I also had stuff I needed to do to get ready to go out of town this weekend.

Tuesday, I was sleepy in the early evening, but knew I would be sorry if I went to sleep since I would wake up in a few hours and never get back to sleep.  However, when I went to bed (at my normal time) I still couldn’t sleep and didn’t do much better than Monday night.

Even though I didn’t get enough sleep, I had more energy today (go figure).  Early afternoon, I went back to the Y and did the elliptical for 10 minutes as a warm up and then worked with the trainer.  He had me doing some exercises of different body parts than on Monday, and I explained to him that I really want to do a whole body workout on the two days (same exercises).  I know splitting up workouts can be good, but I think that for me at this point a whole body workout is better.  So, he is going to switch to that next week.

When I got home, our new XBox had arrived.  My husband saw one at the mall the other day and saw someone doing a dancing activity on it and thought it would be good for exercise.  And, we wanted to put it on a TV that didn’t have any way to access internet.  This way we will be able to watch Netflix, etc. on it. (We were using the Playstation 3 for that until our son took it with him to his apartment at college last fall).  So the XBox gets a lot of birds with one stone.

We immediately set it up and I used XBox Fitness (this required an XBox Live subscription) to do a short cardio workout.


If you look in the upper right corner it actually has a silhouette of me doing the workout.  As I move, the silhouette moves.  That was really cool.

Then, I tried out Dance Central which came with the XBox.  You basically follow along as it teaches you various dance moves.  I was terrible at it (my coordination is awful), but I did move around a lot and it got my heart rate going.


On this one, you can also see my silhouette on the upper right.  Below it are cards that show you the moves that are upcoming.

After all of that, I thought I would be done with exercise for that day since I was at about an hour and a half of exercise (including the strength training) for the day.  But, then I realized I wasn’t going to be very active from tomorrow through Thursday.  We are leaving town Friday morning to go to a family wedding.  The hotel has a fitness center and I will take my laptop.  So I could do YouTube videos in the room or use the fitness center on Friday and Saturday.  And, I was thinking I would do my regular exercise on Thursday.

But, then I remembered I am getting my hair done Thurday afternoon.  Frankly, I don’t want to get super sweaty after getting it done because I don’t want to have to wash it before the wedding. It looks so much better when the hairdresser does it than when I do.  I will be able to do a little exercise Thursday morning, but I also have things to do to get ready to leave Friday morning.  I’m not going to want to do much activity Friday or Saturday due to my hair.

So, thinking about that, I went ahead and did another 36 minutes on the treadmill to kind of make up for what I won’t be doing over the next 3 days.  And, of course, since I’ll be eating out a lot it will be harder to stay within my usual calories.  I think I can still manage to have a calorie deficit on most of the days we are gone, but just not the usual one.


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    I absolutely cannot think about doing the exercise or what I am going to eat. It just does not work. The only thing that works for me is those activities that become a habit. I just do it every day and never try to make up for yesterday mistake or tomorrow’s dilemma.

    Good luck. I admire your drive and success. Be well.

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