The Wheels Fall Off…and Go Back On

I was away from Friday to Sunday (therefore, no weigh in Saturday) and the wheels fell off on my eating for that time. The good news is that the wheels are back on.

The good part of my eating for the weekend:  I tracked. That’s it.  I tracked.  Actually, I can see how it could have been much worse if I hadn’t tracked.

The rot set in on Friday and that was by far the worst day.  I had planned to eat a little more than usual.  It was the last day of my Weight Watchers week and I did have 8 Weekly Points left and 14 Activity Points.  So I could have eaten 45 points that day and still been within my points for the week.  Alas, I did not eat 45 points that day.


I actually ate 59 points, which I estimated at 2368 calories (I didn’t have solid nutritional info for some of it).  The big problem was that I ate out twice with large meals and I didn’t make the best choices.  We were on the road when lunch came around and we stopped at Subway.  I could have gotten a 6″ sandwich with chicken or turkey, whole grain bread, and no topping or just a little oil.  Given that I would be eating out in the evening, it would have been best to stop there.  Sometimes, I do order chips or a cookie at Subway (yes, this is where I sometimes have one of my few cookies during the year).  This time I did what I haven’t done in a long time — I ordered both.  I did stick to a 6″ sandwich (in the past, I sometimes ordered a 12″).  I rationalized the chips and the cookie with having a snack later during the drive.

All of that still might have been fine ….well, not fine, but not horrible if I had had the dinner I had envisioned.  I thought about having a grilled chicken salad at Chili’s or maybe a Power Hummus Bowl at Panera’s.  We tracked down both Chili’s and Panera’s within a few blocks of each other…and then decided to go to Macaroni Grill.  I rarely eat there because I find it hard to stay within a reasonable calorie range there.  Going there on the same day I had that meal at Subway was not a good decision. I did do some things there that weren’t terrible.  When the waiter tried to bring the second loaf of bread, we waved it away.  I ordered a Create Your Own Pasta dish which was fairly reasonable – pasta, grilled chicken, olive oil, roasted garlic, roasted red bell peppers and some pine nuts.  So, it could have been worse.

Still, the day as a whole was a lot of points and calories.

Saturday and Sunday ended up being a bit worse than I had estimated they would be, but weren’t awful.  Saturday, we had lunch at Genghis Grill which I eat at often and isn’t a problem for me.  That evening was the wedding and I had dinner at the reception.  I ate what I wanted which was what I had planned to do. It was mostly OK on calories, although a bit more than I had thought it might be.  Still, Saturday was 41 Points (about 1700 calories).  Then, Sunday was…OK, but not great.  We were coming back home that day so had to eat out.  Actually, I did fairly well on the way home, but I still ended up at about 1600 calories.

Monday morning, my scale said I was up about 4 pounds from Friday morning before I left.  I actually ended last week (Saturday started my new week) with a half pound calorie deficit for the week (per my Fitbit).  Of course, for Friday through Sunday as a whole I don’t have a calorie deficit.  I actually ate 1279 more calories over those 3 days than I burned.  That would be an actual gain of close to .4 pounds.  So, I know that the 4 pound “gain” I showed this morning isn’t real.  But, I’m not sure that it will all be gone by weigh in on Saturday.

The good thing is that I did put the wheels back on today.  I went to the Y for my personal training session and that really helped me to get my head back into activity and burning calories.  I also did the elliptical and treadmill, so I ended up OK on calorie burn.  And, I ate food typical to my normal eating so this day should send with a calorie deficit around 575 calories.

I’m not sure how things will work out for Saturday weigh in.  I do plan to be really careful on what I eat the rest of the week and will be exercising  every day.  However, my mom is visiting and we are going out to eat Wednesday afternoon.  We are going to The Counter and I will get a chicken burger in a bowl.  So, that shouldn’t be too bad, although I don’t usually like to eat out that close to weighing in on the weekend.  And, due to going out that afternoon (the only day that worked for everyone’s schedule) I will miss my personal training session for that day (I do plan to go there later in the afternoon and work out on my own).  Given eating out on Wednesday, I’m not sure where I’ll be on Saturday.

Regardless, what I am happy about is that I haven’t gotten derailed by the overeating and the several days with no exercise.  In the greater scheme of things, this weekend was something special.  And, while I regret what I ate on Friday, I don’t regret anything about eating what I wanted at the wedding.

I will end this with a photo of me with the lovely bride, my niece.



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    I know the disappointment in oneself for overdoing it but… let it go. It happens. Some people say it’s good for the metabolism to get a caloric jolt. My scale is up after a travel weekend, too, but surely it’ll go down for the both of us over the next couple days.
    Cheers to honesty and candor with ourselves, but also not beating ourselves up for being only human.
    Wendy recently posted…Weekend in the Poconos! And recap of how it went booting the sweeteners.My Profile

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    Heck, I would’ve gained 2 lbs. from salt-causing fluid retention from the Macaroni Grill meal alone, personally. 😉

    Sounds like you are back on track. That’s the good thing. Life happens. Trips happen. Weddings happen. It’s how we best work around it, that counts. Good job, I say.

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    (please forgive the all caps, I’m just frustrated I did that 🙂

    You look absolutely lovely with the bride, and you must feel extra good in your SIZE MEDIUMS!!!! Congrats, Kitty, you earned every speck of it.
    Wendy recently posted…What’s the goal?My Profile

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