Back in the Groove…Gently

Since I posted on Monday, I’ve stayed in the groove, although with less intensity than the past several weeks.  I like to average about 1200 calories a day and I quickly realized that after the weekend I would exceed that this week, unless I really cut my calories significantly below 1200 calories for Monday through Friday.  I chose not to do that.  I basically instead am just eating as I normally eat on week days.  My mom is visiting for this week and my son is staying here this week before going back to college for the summer.  So, I’m not on my usual schedule.  We ate out Wednesday afternoon at the Counter.  I planned out what I would eat in advance and followed through with it and my calories for the day ended up totally fine, as if I hadn’t even gone out.

Exercise has been kind of interesting.  I did a difficult strength training session with the personal trainer on Monday.  Normally, I would do a second session on Wednesday, but that was the only time all of us could go out to eat this week while my mom is visiting.  So, I was going to go and do a strength training session on my own after we had lunch.  Unfortunately, the Y was actually closed due to nearby flooding.

I did, however, do the treadmill and exercise videos on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I noticed something interesting Wednesday, though. About 8 weeks ago, I upped my exercise time. Initially I doubled it to about 300 minutes a week and then increased it to over 400 minutes the next week.  I hasten to say that not all of this was intense exercise.  Some of it was using the exercise bike while reading a book, that kind of thing.  After awhile of this I noticed I was having some pain on the inside of my left knee (my bad knee).  I wasn’t having any pain under my kneecap (I don’t have much cartilage there).  The pain on the left knee inside was a new pain, I hadn’t had before. About a month ago, I took 2 days off from exercise at my birthday and that didn’t help.  I was about at the point of going back to the orthopedic surgeon to see if I could find out what was going on.

Well, last week, I took off 4 days from exercise.  This was from Thursday (when I got my hair done for the wedding) through Sunday when I came home.  I did exercise Monday through Wednesday.  Anyway, on Wednesday night, I realized my knee didn’t hurt.  Sometime, during the past week, the pain went away entirely.  So, I’m thinking now that when I upped my exercise several weeks ago, I simply increased it too much, too fast.  What I did Monday through Wednesday didn’t bother me, though.

I still don’t know what will happen when I weigh in Saturday.  I’m at a point right now where I could show anything from a small gain to a small loss.  Fitbit says I have about a half pound calorie deficit, but sometimes those show up in a delayed fashion.  Also, my weight fluctuates quite a bit depending upon carb intake.  That is such really water weight either way, though, so it doesn’t bother me.

And, I will be so glad to have May be over.  Starting with my birthday in April and going through Mother’s Day is always difficult since I have right in a row my own birthday, then my son’s and then Mother’s Day.  This May was even worse since we went out of town to the wedding and my mom is visiting (I like her visiting, but I do eat out more and my schedule is a little different). It is just that I’ll be glad to get back to a regular routine.

Friday morning edit:

I woke up this morning and, as usual, weighed first thing.  I’m down over a pound from yesterday (I know this is mostly water weight) and down almost 5 1/2 pounds since Monday.  I am now unofficially in the 140s for the first time in many years.  My scale was at 149.7 this morning.  I still don’t know how it will be tomorrow at weigh in.  It isn’t unusual to have to suddenly jump up a pound for now apparent reason so I could still end up with a small gain this week.  But, it was really nice to see a number in the 149’s for the first time in over 20 years.


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    Gently. I like the way you said that. I’m also awed at the way you’re being realistic without beating yourself up – a lesson I have to learn.

    Great job Kitty!

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    Fantastic job with handling the vagarities of one’s life! Great weight loss to support those efforts, too!

    Glad your knee is better. Have a great weekend!

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