Wedding Ring – The Good and the Bad

Sunday evening, I put on my wedding ring:

Wedding Ring

That was the good. You might wonder why I mention this.  It is because I haven’t worn my ring in over 13 years or so.  Before trying on the ring Sunday — and being surprised that it fit — I had spent some time earlier that day looking at old pictures to figure out just when I quit wearing the ring.  The most recent picture I found wearing the ring was taken in December, 2001.

boa and ring 122401

(Yes, I’m holding a boa in that picture.)  That was during a time that I wasn’t really weighing myself.  In May of that year I weighed 173 1/2 pounds according to my records. My next recorded weight is not until July of 2004 when I weighed 187 pounds at the doctor’s office. The next weight after that was in August, 2005 and I was up to 194 pounds.  So, I think I pretty steadily gained weight after May of 2001.  By December, I would guess I was around 180 pounds.

Some time not long after this picture was taken, I couldn’t wear my ring any more.  When I first went back to Weight Watchers 6 years later, I weighed 207.4 pounds.  I had long since stopped wearing my ring by then.  But, I had this idea that if I got down to, say, the 170s I would be able to wear my wedding ring.  I had no illusion I could wear my engagement ring (more about that in a bit), but thought I would be able to wear the wedding ring.

I had been able to wear it during most of my pregnancy, only taking it off toward the last few months.  And, not long my son was born, I was able to return to wearing the wedding ring.  And, I wore it pretty steadily for about 7 years. During that time my weight fluctuated between 155 and 180 and I was able to wear the ring at all those weights.

I thought that I just had to get to that range and I would be fine.  But, here is where the bad starts.  I got to 180 pounds and couldn’t even get the ring past my knuckle.  Once I got into the overweight category, I tried again.  Still, no chance.  The more weight I lost the more I thought I would be able to wear the ring.  But, it didn’t happen.

Eventually, maybe in my 160s, I could get it just past my knuckle.  It would not budge beyond that.  In the 150s, it was closer.  I could move it down my finger part of the way.  About 10 days ago I tried it on and it still didn’t fit.  I was actually beyond shocked Sunday when I was able to put it on all the way.  That morning I weighed in at 149.3 pounds on my home scale.

So, why is it that to be able to wear it now I had to weigh 30 less pounds than when I was able to wear it 14 years ago?  I am forced to conclude that it is mostly due to my body fat being higher now than it was then.  The 150 pound me of 10 days ago had more fat on my fingers than the 180 pound me had in the photo above.

Yes, it is super good to finally be able to wear my ring.  Earlier Sunday (before trying it on) I had actually been talking to my husband about whether I should simply buy a new larger ring.  For years, I’ve thought this ring would fit me any day now, but I finally wondered if I should just buy a new ring.  Or, maybe take the diamonds out of this one and have a new ring made.  I even went to the Tiffany’s website to look at the wedding bands there.  And, I looked to see if the jewelry designer who had custom made my ring was still in business.  Finding out I can wear my ring was great.

Realizing how much my body fat percentage has increased in the last 14 years was not so great.

The other issue is the engagement ring.  I haven’t been able to wear it for 20 years or so.  I last wore it soon after my son was born 21 years ago.  My engagement ring is a unique ring, not originally designed as an engagement ring.  The main stone in the right is an amethyst, my favorite stone.  The ring is very tall and the band is very wide.

I found the ring when we visited a jewelry designer to have custom bands made for my husband and me.  The ring was unusual, but I liked that.  It was a little too large for me and an insert was placed in it to make it fit.  I loved both the engagement ring and the wedding ring.  But, with the width of the engagement ring and the wedding ring, they took up a lot of the space on my finger past my knuckle.

They fit me perfectly when we bought the rings.  I weighed about 145 pounds then.  But, in the first year of marriage, I put on 10 pounds. My husband lost 20 pounds, mostly because the two of us ate similarly that first year. I hadn’t yet learned I couldn’t eat his portion sizes.  It wasn’t long before I couldn’t wear both rings on the same finger at the same time. There simply wasn’t room for extra fat.  Here is a picture taken about 8 months after I got married.  You can’t see my wedding ring, but I am wearing my engagement ring on my right hand.


A couple of months later, I managed to get them on the same hand, but only by putting the wedding ring in front of the engagement ring.  I don’t have a great picture of this, but here is what I have:

Ring 1


I think that from then on I either wore them like that or, more often, wore the wedding ring by itself and the engagement ring on my right hand. After my son was born, for awhile I could wear my engagement ring on my left hand, but I haven’t been able to wear it on either hand in years. Now, I can wear it on my left hand, but not the right.

Yes, it is great I can now wear my wedding ring on my left hand.  It is great that I can wear my engagement ring on my left hand.  But, I can’t wear them on the same hand.  It would be acceptable for now to wear the engagement ring on my right hand, but I can’t even get it past the knuckle on that hand.  The insert could, I guess, be adjusted or removed and then I could wear that ring.  But, if I get my body fat percentage down I would have to have it adjusted again.

The other fear that I have is that my body composition will never again allow me to wear the wide engagement ring and fairly wide wedding ring on the same finger.  One option would be to buy a really thin band to wear with the engagement ring.  But, I am reluctant to do that when it is possible I will at some point be able to wear both rings at the same time.

Of course, this has been why I’ve worn no wedding ring for the last 13 years or so and no engagement ring for about 21 years.  I was reluctant to spend money to fix this problem, hoping it would solve itself as I got thinner.  I thought that surely by this weight, I would be wearing both of them.  Now that I’m not, I just don’t have a feeling as to what weight or body fat percentage I will need to be at to wear them both.

I’m thinking about seeing how hard it would be adjust the insert on the engagement ring.  If it is relatively easy to do I could do that now, and then adjust it again if it becomes too loose.  And, see if that would allow me to wear both rings on the same finger.  Or, at least, be able to wear them on different fingers.


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    I’m very thankful I don’t carry re-arranged body fat in my fingers at lower weights. In fact, my fingers are among the very first places I noticed significant weight loss. Glad you are low enough to get them on, even if it’s not quite the way you would like it to be! Great job!

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