Thursday Morning Gain Again

Once again, Thursday morning hit and I abruptly gained 2 pounds.  Wednesday morning I weighed in at home (first got up, no clothes) at 148.2 pounds.  I had a good eating day on Wednesday.  My carbs were 90g, with net carbs at 64g.  This morning I weighed 150.3 pounds!  This same thing happened last week and it took until Sunday to come down.  Note that the Weight Watchers week ends on Saturday so it was annoying for this not to come down until after  the WW week end.

The only thing I can think of is that I did my personal training workout on Wednesday.  That is a 30 minute strength training workout.  I know that strength training can cause temporary fluid retention.  But, that didn’t happen after my strength training on Monday or after my session on my own, last Saturday.

So, I remain uncertain as to what causes the big jump up on Wednesday.  With a 2 pound rise, I may get below 149.6 (my last Weight Watchers weigh in), but I’m not thinking I’ll get back to the 148.2 by Saturday.

I will say that if I ever wake up and I’m enough below 148 at home that I think I would weigh in at no higher than 148 at WW I will immediately go and weigh in since that will trigger my free lifetime status and I can cancel my monthly pass and get a voucher for 8 weeks of free etools.  Since I was at 148.2 yesterday, may be I can get down to 147.5 soon (at home) and would go ahead and weigh in.

Other than this, I’ve had a really good week.  I’ve stayed on track with eating.  My exercising has been good, 288 minutes with today and tomorrow to go.  My calorie deficit thus far for this week (per Fitbit) is 2745 with 2 days to go.  So, everything has been fine.  The only fly in the ointment is that inexplicable 2 pound jump.  Maybe it was the carbs although usually I have to go over 100g to get that kind of jump.

Today and tomorrow my carbs will likely be lower (probably under 70g, maybe under 60g) so we’ll see what happens.

Edit (Friday)

I was down a pound from yesterday.  I’m still up 1.2 pounds from where I was Wednesday but at least I’m back where I was the last time I weighed in at Weight Watchers.  So far, Friday is going good so hope I’ll at least show some loss when I weigh in at the meeting Saturday morning.


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    I’ve wondered about the strength training and overnight gains, too. I had an overnight gain myself today, annoying. Frustrating. Like you, I’m hoping it means a big loss, which does sometimes seem to happen, a gain leads to a loss. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!
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