Saturday Weigh In

Saturday weigh in went as I thought it might.  No change.  I’m still at 149.6 pounds.  That is better than where I thought I might end up on Thursday.  However, this morning (at home) I weighed 1.3 pounds more than I weighed Wednesday morning, so that was a bit frustrating.

Overall I had a great week.  I ate about 80 calories a day less than the week before.  I exercised 6 days for a total of 395 minutes, doing aerobic exercise on 6 days and strength training on 3. Fitbit says my daily calorie deficit was about 125 calories more a day than the week before.  Of course, Fitbit says that over the last 2 weeks I should have lost 1.9 pounds rather than staying the same.  Again, I know the calorie deficit is not all that precise, but it would have been nice to lose the 1.3 pounds I am showing that I was down on Wednesday.

When I have this kind of thing, I often have a week where I have a large loss, so I’m hoping for that next week.  In order to not have WW bill me for July I would need to get to 148 before about the 25th.  It would be nice if that happened.

I do know that if at any point, my home scale weighs me at 147.8 or lower (I usually weigh about .1 of a pound more at WW than I do at home) I will hurry over to WW and weigh in and hope it is at 148 or lower.  They are open at the location I go to every day except Thursday.  There is another location I could go to on Thursday, but wouldn’t want to use a different set of scales than at the center I usually go to.

If I don’t have a loss this next week, then I’ll look at things more closely.  Maybe take my measurements since I’ve been doing the strength training.  There is a possibility of some change in body composition even without weight changing much.  Lately, my scale has been showing my body fat percentage about 1% less than its been averaging before.  So, I do think the body composition is improving some.

Weight Watchers is doing a summer thing where you get a smiley face charm if you go to 10 out of 12 meetings.  This was the first week.  I love getting the charms so I will probably go to a meeting for the 10 out of 12 despite what I posted last week about not thinking I have to go every week.




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    You are getting so close! That’s really exciting Having made it to maintenance once in my life (though it seems so long ago) I can attest that the meetings really help. If you aren’t loving your meetings try changing leaders,

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      Yes, I got to maintenance once before and I didn’t go back when I had a small gain (5 pounds). That was really a bad decision. I actually like my current leader a lot. I’ve been lucky to have several really good leader (the two before her were also great). It is just that I don’t think I need the meetings on a weekly basis. However, if I were to have a bad eating week, then I would most certainly need the meeting!
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