Mid-Week Update

Just a mid-week update since I haven’t posted since Saturday.  I have some topics I want to blog on, but I’m still working out exactly what I want to post.

So far, this week has been going well.  I am trying something a little different.  In the past I usually eat higher calories/points on Saturday and Sunday and then taper off during the week.  Often, Thursday and Friday are my lowest point days.  I do wonder if this pattern has something to do with why I so often have my lowest weight around mid-week and then my weight goes up and I go in Saturday for no loss or a gain.

This week I decided to try to eat in the same overall calorie range for the week, but to spread everything out more evenly.  That way I would eat a little less on the weekend, but would eat more throughout the week.  So far this has been going well.  We did go out to eat this weekend as we often do (Noodles and Company on Saturday and Chili’s on Sunday), but I was careful the rest of both days so my total calories was about like I typically eat on an average day.  I’ve continued that since then.  Wednesday ended up being my lowest calorie day.  I didn’t really set out to do it, but I got up later than usual and ate breakfast, but then had a light lunch before going to the Y.  I had a salad with chicken for dinner which was filling but not that many calories.  Snacks were dark chocolate and pistachios.  I actually was never really hungry during the day, but it ended up my lowest calorie day.

So, we’ll see if any of this makes a difference.

Fitness has been going well this week.  I am scheduled to do strength training with the personal trainer on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Saturday I was able to go into the Y and do a third session on my own.  I took Sunday off from exercise.  Monday I went to the Y to do the session and found that their AC was out while they were doing some work on it.  Since it is already over 90 degrees here at mid-day, and it was really hot in the Y I elected to reschedule my Monday session to Saturday.

I did come back home and actually did a strength training session at home.  I do have dumbbells and a weight bench so I was able to do some of the exercises I do at the Y or could do a reasonable substitute.  I don’t have a leg press at home, of course, and am limited as to what I can do due to my knee.  Substituting for that was more difficult, but I did do some step ups so got a little bit done.  I felt good that I did so something strength wise even if I wasn’t at the Y.  I also walked on the treadmill Monday and then did an hour on the treadmill Tuesday.

Wednesday, I went to the Y and had a good sessions.  I did little over 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did the strength training.  The trainer added in leg curls to my other exercises since last week I had finished in less than 30 minutes.  In the last couple of sessions, I’ve gone up in weight on a number of exercises which I always like.  One thing I like about strength training is that it is so motivating when I increase a weight.  It really does show me that I am getting stronger.



  1. Gwen says

    Sounds like a very healthy week! Congrats, and don’t let any scale negativity get to you. Trust your process. 🙂

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