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For the first time in over 20 years — actually almost 24 years — I’ve weighed in at Weight Watchers no more than 2 pounds over my goal weight:

6-23 Weigh In

I weighed in at 148 pounds which is exactly 2 pounds above my goal weight.  I am down .6 pounds from my weigh in last Saturday.

The significance of this weigh in is that since I am not more than 2 pounds above my goal weight, I am considered to be lifetime at goal at Weight Watchers.  This means that as long as don’t gain any weight above this, I can attend meetings for free.  I also get a free voucher that gives me free eTools for 8 weeks.  To get a new voucher, I need to weigh in at the first meeting I attend in July and not be at a higher weight than 148 pounds.  If I go over, I have to pay for that meeting.  In the meantime, though, I’ve cancelled my Monthly Pass with Weight Watchers have free eTools for 8 weeks.  Of course, the idea is that I weigh in during July still no more than 2 pounds above goal and get a new voucher and do this every month.

As most of my readers know, I had really been trying to get to 148 and it has been slow getting to that point.  Yesterday morning, at home, I weighed 148.5 (in the morning, no clothes) which was .1 above where I weighed on Saturday (148.4 at home, 148.6 at the meeting).  But, I had a feeling I would have a loss between yesterday and this morning.  I had exercised yesterday and had a good calorie burn.  I had gotten up late and eaten later than usual and wasn’t real hungry.  So, I ate less than I usually eat.

This morning I woke up and initially the scale said 147.7 pounds.  I waited a few minutes and tried again and it said 147.6 pounds.  I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks that if I got to 147.6 pounds I would go and weigh in, regardless of whether it was my usual weigh in date or not.  Most of the time, I weigh in at a meeting (with clothes) about .2 pounds heavier than I weigh at home (no clothes).  My home scale weighs a little “heavy” since my weight at home without clothes is usually only .2 pound less than my weight at Weight Watchers with clothes.

Occasionally, my weight at Weight Watchers will be .3 pound higher at home (the scale at the WW I go to only measures in .2 pound increments).  One time in April there was a .5 pound difference, but that was unusual.  I felt fairly safe that with a weight at home of 147.6 at home that I would weigh in at no more than 148 pounds.  But, there was a tiny chance it could settle at 148.2 pounds in which case I couldn’t weigh in again until the next WW week which starts on Sunday.

I decided to chance it and go over and weigh in.  I explained to the receptionist and she was nice and told me I could step on the scale and see what it would weigh before she captured the weight.  If it was going to be higher than 148, I would have left and just not weighed in.  Thankfully, though, it was exactly 148 pounds!

I am a little concerned that it is exactly 148 pounds so close to the end of the month.  As you can tell from looking at my weigh in page it is not unusual for me to weigh in one week, have a great week, then be up .2 pounds the next week even though I’ve had a calorie deficit.  Things like fluid retention, or heavy exercise or even not going to the bathroom, can cause that kind of small fluctuation.  So, I could have a great week and then still be up .2 pounds next week.  The problem with that is that next week is the start of July so since I am considered lifetime at goal I must weigh in if I attend a meeting.  Since I have no wiggle room if I jumped up .2 pounds then I would have to pay the meeting fee to attend the meeting.  I would still have free etools for 8 weeks, but would have to pay the meeting fee.

Now, technically I don’t have to weigh in during the first week in July.  I can weigh in any time during the month if I want to.  But, I want the smiley face charm for the summer and to get it I have to go to 10 out of 12 meetings.  I can miss 2 of them and still get the charm.  So, I really don’t have to weigh in next week.  Actually, I normally go on Saturday and that would be July 4th and the center is closed that day so I may end up skipping next week anyway.  If I do, then I won’t weigh in until July 11th and by then I should be solidly below 148 pounds and it won’t be an issue.  And, once I do weigh in during July and I’m not above 148 pounds, then I don’t have to weigh in again until August.

Still, I’m happy to have gotten to 148 and to finally be considered a lifetime member on maintenance.  Of course, I still want to get to my goal weight of 146 pounds and then to continue working on improving my body composition.


  1. Summer says

    Oh how I wish I was at goal, but you put in the work and now you get the reward. I am happy for you!

  2. says

    !!!!Congrats Kitty!!!!
    You must go so excited!
    Sorry, though, that it’s right on the line, giving you this angst for July weigh-in. Hope that the number holds for you for that.
    Woo hoo!!!

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