Saturday Update

Usually I post a weigh in on Saturday, but not today since I weighed in on Tuesday when I got to 148 pounds and could weigh in and be free lifetime again at Weight Watchers.  But, I thought I would post about the week overall.  From a food standpoint it was a really good week.  I stay on track the whole week and ended up a little below the 1200 calories a day average that I shoot for.

Activity was down a little since I took two days off from exercise.  Most weeks I take off one day, but sometimes I take off two and this was one of the weeks I took off two days.  On the days I did exercise, things went well.  I did two sessions with the personal trainer and those went great.  Today, I went to the Y and did another session on my own as well as doing the elliptical.

I did find that knowing I won’t weigh in most likely until July 11th takes away one tool in my arsenal that I use to stay on track with how much I eat. Since I’m no more than 2 pounds over my goal weight, I don’t weigh in again during June and must weigh in at the first meeting I attend in July.  Normally, that would be next Saturday.  But, next Saturday is July 4th.  So, I’ll probably attend either the meeting tomorrow and it will still be June so I won’t weigh in.  Normally, when I know I will weigh in the next Saturday that does keep me focused on staying within my points/calories since I like to have a loss when I weigh in.  And, knowing I won’t weigh in until July 1th I haven’t had that motivation to keep on track.

I did stay on track.  I just couldn’t rely on that motivation.  My self talk was different.  Instead of focusing on the short term loss over the course of the week, I talked to myself more about eating well overall over the next two weeks. It was perhaps a subtle difference, but was definitely a little different than before.

What else?  Oh, I am a little annoyed I seem to be between sizes right now.  Currently I have two pairs of pants that I wear a lot of the time.  One pair is size 14 petite jeans.  These jeans are way too loose.  In fact, I can take them off without unbuttoning them, let alone unzipping them. I also have a pair of size 12 black pants. I noticed the other day that I can now pull them off without unbuttoning or zipping them.  I am an apple shape so if these had a higher waist I don’t think I could do that.  But, they fall fairly low on the hips.

So, I was at the mall the other evening and decided to check in at Old Navy.  The size 12 jeans (a little higher waist than the black pants) were … OK, but a little loose.  It wouldn’t take much and they would be too big.  I didn’t want to buy jeans that I might wear for less than a month.  I then tried the size 10 jeans.  And, they gave me a muffin top.  So, I didn’t buy either one. I need to go check some other stores.


  1. Gwen says

    Sorry about the clothing size issue. I’m sure you’ll find something somewhere that will work for you. 🙂

    • says

      I really don’t get that hungry, especially when eating at home. Basically I don’t eat a lot of high calorie junk food and most things I eat are lower calorie. For example, I really love a big salad, but salad veggies don’t have a lot of calories. I’ll put in a couple of ounces of chicken or a small packet of salmon and that isn’t very high calorie either. For a dressing it is usually 1/2 T. of olive oil and a T. of balsamic vinegar so that isn’t very high calorie either.

      When I eat out I am usually really careful what I order so that it isn’t too high calorie (the times I’m not so careful is when I do go above 1200).

      If I do get really hungry, well I do eat. It is just that most of the time I don’t get that hungry.

  2. says

    In Old Navy, you might want to experiment with the different cuts they offer, and even cuts for shakes that you don’t think you’ll be. I’ve had some luck doing this there.
    Also recently found some gjeans whose fit I just *loved * – Kut from the Kloth at Nordstrom – but sadly could not justify the $80 or $90 they charge for that brand. They’re still on my mind though… I may stuck it up and buy some. If that’s your price range, maybe check those out?
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