Third Quarter Goals

Time for third quarter goals!  Some of these are continuation goals where I’m happy with what I’m doing and want to continue to doing it without doing more.

Lose 2 pounds to get to my goal weight of 146 pounds – I’m not a big fan on specific weight loss goals since that is not something I can control directly.  That said — 2 pounds in three months should happen unless something goes terribly wrong

Exercise 200 minutes a week of aerobic activity – Last quarters goal was 150 minutes, which I met.  I didn’t separate out aerobic and strength training, but probably was at or over 200 minutes aerobic activity.  This is something I want to continue.

2 to 3 days a week of strength training – I am still working with the personal trainer twice a week.  I usually go for a third session, but occasionally don’t due to schedule conflicts.  I want to continue with this.

Eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day – I did better during April and May, getting to almost 4. I did not do as well in June as I focused more on protein.  This is a category where I have wild fluctuations from day to day.  Some days I am very low on this, while on other days I am quite a bit above.  The problem is I have not yet figured out a good way to make getting this a part of my “must do” routine.  I need to work on this one.

Develop more activities out of the house – I am overall happy with my time/activity management.  I’m doing a greater variety of activities and made progress on some things like decluttering and better managing paperwork.  The big thing is that I end up spending too much time at home.  A lot of what I do is computer oriented – read books on the Kindle, write this blog, read other blogs, work from home using the computer, play World of Warcraft and Hearthstone on computer.  All of that is great, but it results in my doing a lot of sitting.  I do go out to shop or to go to the Y (usually 3 days a week) or to my Weight Watchers meetings or to eat out.  But, ever since we moved to this area (3 years ago) I haven’t developed a lot of outside activities.  And, all of that means I sit too much each day.  So, developing more activities away from home will help with the sitting and help me with creating overall more balance in my life which is a major theme for me this year.

Upgrade my clothes and appearance – I’ll talk more about this in another post, but while obese and overweight, I’ve tended to not want to do much in terms of clothes and appearance.  When I was working in an office, of course, I dressed appropriately for there.  But, I tended to wear a T shirt and jeans or workout pants while at home.  I tended to not spend much effort on makeup or on looking good.  I’ve gotten a bit more interested in this during the last year or so, but I still need to do more.  I’m to a point where I got rid of a lot of clothes that were too big for me and I don’t have much left that does fit.  I need to buy some new, nicer clothes and work more on my overall appearance.


  1. Gwen says

    Great things to shoot for! Took me a while to realize what you were going for…I was like, 2nd quarter is ending. Not 3rd quarter time. LOL (dur me.)

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