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Just a quick check in.  Weight Watchers was closed Saturday so I didn’t go to the meeting then (I went earlier in the week when it was still June so no weigh in).   As of Monday morning, I’m up about .8 of a pound over what I was when I weighed in at 148.  If it doesn’t go in, I’ll have to pay when I weigh in the first time in July.

I’m not that concerned about it, since I think this is mostly water weight from carbs.  My calories have been good.  I was eating lower carb the week I weighed in at 148 and I have really didn’t this holiday weekend.  I didn’t eat high carbs, but I was around 100 net carbs so that is enough to put on some water weight.  I’ll be staying closer to about 4o to 50 net carbs the rest of the week (around 70 total carbs), so we’ll see what happens.Exercise is now going well.  I took off 3 days over the weekend.  Mostly for vanity reasons.  I got my hair color done on Thursday and my hair always look great then.  I was planning to go out for lunch on the 4th and I wanted my hair to look good.  So I took off Thursday through Saturday from exercise so I wouldn’t get sweaty and have to wash my hair before I went out Saturday.  I did exercise on Sunday (treadmill).  Monday I went to the Y and did the elliptical and a personal training session.  I’m really happy with how that has been going.  I’ve gained a lot of strength since I started and the weights I can use have really gone up a lot.   I’m so glad I’ve been doing the training sessions.  It really helps me to stay consistent in doing the work.


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    Gosh, I can soooo relate to the hair-being-mussed-and-sweated-up-by-exercise thing! Ugh, way too much hair-redoing for my taste lately. Ah well. Anyway, it’s probably good to take a few days off every now and then, like you did, since muscles grow not when you’re working them, but when they’re resting. You come back stronger when you rest a bit!
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