Official July Weigh In

I did my monthly Weight Watchers weigh in for July today:

7-8-2015 Weigh In

I was down .2 pounds, to 147.8 pounds.  That means I’ve lost a total of 59.6 pounds!  I usually weigh in at the Saturday meeting.  Last Saturday, Weight Watchers was closed so I planned to attend this Saturday’s meeting (which I probably will still do).  But, after I checked in here the other day, I woke up yesterday to a loss overnight of almost a pound and was at 147.3 at home (no clothes).  Then, this morning I was the same.

I need to weigh in at 148 or below to keep my free lifetime status at Weight Watchers.  If I weigh in above that I have to pay.   I thought about just waiting to Saturday to weigh since I might of weighed even less then.  I’ve been having a really good week with both food and activity.  On the other hand, I’ve posted here before that sometimes late in the week my weight goes up half a pound or so temporarily for no apparent reason.  If that happened this week, I might weigh in above 148 and have to pay.

So, when I had the weigh in this morning that was clearly going to allow me to weigh in under 148 I decided to go ahead and weigh in.  I needed to run an errand close to the Weight Watchers office so I just stopped in and weighed.  I won’t have to weigh in again until August.  I still want to go to most of the meetings since I have to go to 10 out of 12 meetings this summer to get an umbrella charm.  I know.  I’m just a sucker for the charms that I can put on my Weight Watchers keyring.  In fact, I can still miss too meetings and still get the charm.  I don’t really have to weigh in again until August 16.

One nice thing about not having to weigh in weekly is that I don’t have to manage my eating so that I don’t eat something that will cause me to jump up high near the weekend.  For example, I wouldn’t eat Chinese food on Friday since the higher sodium would usually cause some water retention.  And, I don’t lift weights on Friday for the same reason.

I’m not talking, by the way, of eating any more food than I would normally eat.  I’m still eating at the same overall calorie level.  But, when I weigh Saturday morning I would put my higher calorie eating days on the early part of the week and eat lower later in the week.  With not weighing again until August, I have more freedom about when I eat the food that I eat. Of course, for that to work, I have to still consistently stay within the calorie level that I want to eat at, which I’ve been doing.

I am also excited that I was at 147.3 pounds on my scale.  When I get to 146 on my home scale, I will be at a normal BMI (currently I’m at 25.3).  While I know BMI is a flawed measure, I still look forward to that.


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