Half a Pound a Week

I was looking at this graph earlier:

WW graph

This shows my Weight Watchers weigh ins from August, 2010 until this week. As you can see, I had a lot of success from then until the end of 2011.  At my first weigh in during the first week of January 2012, I weighed 162 pounds. Alas, as you can see my weight started going up, up, and up.  This was a time when we were looking for a house, then moving, then remodeling, etc.  And, I couldn’t seem to get a grip on losing weight again.  I would lose for a little while then it started going up again.  Finally in 2013, I started to get back on track.  Of course, I had regained over 30 pounds by then.

One thing I was curious, though looking at this, was to figure out how much weight I’ve lost on average during this period not counting the time when I was gaining weight or getting back to 162 pounds.  I got back to 162.2 pounds early last September.  So, if I take my 59.6 pound weight loss and only consider the weeks that I was losing down to 162 pounds in January 2011 and the time since September, 2015 until now, I find that I’ve averaged losing about a half a pound a week.

Yes, the overall overage is less because it took me 2 years, 8 months to get back to 162 pounds.  That is sad.  It annoys me a lot to see that big mountain in the middle of that graph.  But, during the times when I was actually losing “new” weight, I averaged about half a pound a week.

I’ve seen so many people complain about only losing half a pound a week.  But, I’m happy with it.  Yes, I wish I hadn’t regained at all.  And, sure, I am in awe of those who lose 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week.  But, that isn’t me.  It would be easy to get discouraged because I don’t lose at that rate.  And, there have been times in the past that I gave up.  But, this time I never really gave up.

Yes, I had that year and a half where I was mostly gaining weight.  But, I didn’t totally give up.  Periodically, I would go to Weight Watchers and weigh in.  I was actually paying for Weight Watchers during the entire time.  I think that one thing that helped me get to where I am now is that I never totally gave up. I kept trying.

I wish I could say what caused me to stick with in when I went back for good in 2013, a few months before starting this blog.  The reality is that I don’t know why it was different that time.  The important thing is that if I didn’t keep trying, I would never have succeeded.

And, yes, losing half a pound a week is unbearably slow for many.  Still, the last 5 years would have passed even had I not been losing any weight.  Almost five years after starting to go to Weight Watchers again, I’ve lost 59.6 pounds.  I do recognize that at half a pound a week I could have been finished with this by early 2013 if I hadn’t had the regain.  But, the most important thing is that I kept trying and finally I stuck with it and those half pound losses kept adding up.


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    The journey to fitness, and wellness, is never linear. I hope you aren’t beating yourself up over the time involved; the important thing is you’re here, now. You’re here now!!! Exciting stuff!
    Wendy recently posted…Summer Break.My Profile

    • says

      No, I’m really not beating myself up. It would have been nice to not have that big regain in the middle of it, of course. But, I’m just glad to see that I was able to get back on the program and lose again. I’m happy with the half a pound a week while I was actually losing weight.
      Kitty recently posted…Half a Pound a WeekMy Profile

      • says

        Oooh! Follow up to our jeans conversation – I went baack to Nordstrom for their semi-annual sale to get the Kut jeans, but couldn’t get quite the right fit. I ended up getting some “Wit & Wisdom” brand that are currently on sale, and really happy with the fit on those (found by recommendation of another shopper, who also preferred them to the Kut). Sale’s on now, if you’re interested.
        Wendy recently posted…Summer Break.My Profile

  2. charlene pitre says

    I enjoyed reading your comments. I want to make sure that im don’t ww with . The correct number of daily pts. I m at 26. But I’ve been confused about the total amt of weekly points. Is it 49.
    Thanks so much.
    Charlene pitre

    • says

      The default weekly points is 49? If you have etools, though, you can set your weekly points for a lower number if you want. I keep mine at 49. I don’t usually eat all of them, but sometimes I do. I usually eat around 20 to 30 of them most weeks.
      Kitty recently posted…Half a Pound a WeekMy Profile

  3. Maggie says

    I find your blog and your journey very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your experiences and literally, ups and downs.

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