Checking In

Wow!  12 days since I posted.  But, I do have an excuse.  I’ve been sick.  For a few days I was just really tired.  I took off an extra exercise day since I was exhausted.  Last Friday, I did make myself do the treadmill, but was still tired.  Saturday, I understood why.  I woke up feeling wretched.  It seems to be a stomach virus.  I didn’t exercise all weekend, cancelled my Y training on Monday and still felt awful Tuesday (the worst day of the whole thing). On Wednesday, I finally started feeling better and went to the Y and had a personal training session.  I exercised less time than usual on the elliptical, but it was good to get back to moving at least some.

The only good part of it was that this morning I had a new low on my home scale — 146.3 pounds.  While I really want to get 146 pounds, I’m not all that excited about the 146.3 because I know it is related to my being sick.  I haven’t eaten much and as soon as I get back to a more normal diet it will go back up.  I think my “true” weight is around 147.2 since I had several days around that.

Otherwise, except for being sick everything else is going OK.  I went to Weight Watchers last Saturday, but won’t weigh in again until August.


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