60 Pounds Gone!

I went to my Weight Watchers this meeting and weighed in even though I don’t have to weigh in again until August.  I did this because I knew I would see this:

Weigh in 7-25-2015

At long last, a star for losing another 5 pounds, my last one before I get to goal.  I weighed in at 147 pounds, for a loss of .8 pounds for the week. The big thing though was that this puts my total loss at 60.4 pounds.  I have one more pound to go to get to my goal weight of 146 at Weight Watchers.  Actually, at home I was at 146.4 pounds so it is getting super close.  Loss is just awfully slow now as I get close to goal.

I had a good week from an eating standpoint, since I had a stomach virus much of the week and wasn’t hungry.  There was that one day I was tempted to have Subway because I felt sorry for myself but it would have put me way over where I wanted to be for that day, so I decided not to do it.

The negative of the stomach virus was that I had a total of 38 minutes of exercise this week.  I usually average about 300 minutes, but I want to be careful.  Years ago, I had a negative pattern where I would get sick, have to quit exercising while sick, went back too soon, got sick again, and eventually got totally derailed.  This time I’m being really careful so I don’t do too much too soon.  Probably will feel like doing my regular exercise on Sunday.  We’ll see.

Despite the low calorie burn due to the low activity, I had an OK calorie deficit since I didn’t eat as much as usual.   Once I realized I was going to hit my 60 pounds lost, I decided to actually weigh in this month.

I do have to weigh in at my first meeting in August.  That could be next Saturday, but I may weigh in earlier in the week and then wait to weigh in until the following week.  Haven’t decided yet.  My main goal for August is to lose 1 more pound to get to 146 finally.


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