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I started personal training on May 11 and have had 15 sessions.  I do 2 sessions a week unless something changes it (once the Y was closed, once I was sick, and so on).  I do 30 minute sessions.  When possible, I do a third session on my own on the weekend.

Overall, I’ve been happy with the results.  Early on, the trainer and I did not see entirely eye to eye.  I wanted to do a whole body workout each time and do the same exercises each time unless there was a reason to change them.  He wanted to mix things up a bit more each week.  We worked it out, though, and things have been going smoothly for awhile now.

I have changed a few exercises, but most of the changes have been increasing weight.  There are some exercises where I’ve gone up a lot.  This is mostly exercises where I started out really weak, such as the chest press machine.  I’ve gone up a lot, but still have a long way to go.  Other exercises I haven’t changed that much, particularly the ones were I started out stronger than other areas (such as the leg press).

I started out doing 7 exercises (3 sets) and have worked  my way up to 10 as I got faster.  I am doing it as a circuit to maximize my time and I’ve been happy with that at this point.

Have I made progress?  Yes.  Overall, I am stronger.  I’ve increased the weights anywhere from a little to a lot.  Most are closer to “a lot” than otherwise.

On the other hand, I can’t really see a difference. I’ve lost about 3.6 pounds since I started which isn’t a huge amount.  But, I’m not doing this so much to help with my weight loss as to improve strength and work on body composition.   I am not yet seeing much difference, but I can tell that I am stronger.  I think the main reason for this is that I still have a lot of excess body fat and I started as such as a low level of muscle that it will be awhile before much will be visible. As long as I keep increasing the weights that I use, though, I know I am making progress.

I recently signed up for another 12 sessions.  One thing I did think about was whether to switch to hour long sessions (I would do one a week with  the trainer) or possible doing one upper body 30 minute session and one lower body 30 minute sessions with the trainer and then do two more by myself.  I talked to him about it, and he recommended keeping things as they are for awhile.  I’ll reevaluate at the end of this set of sessions.

Is the trainer worth it?  Yes.  Obviously, he helps me with selecting the exercises to do and makes sure that I do them correctly.  That is all valuable.  But, the greatest value to me is that knowing I have an appointment set with the trainer keeps me going to the session and working hard.  I wouldn’t YMfrivolously not go to a session.  I haven’t cancelled unless it was really necessary.  I’m not sure I would be as diligent if I was just relying on myself.



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    All the progress you have made on weight levels is great! It takes a long time to build strength, you’re doing the right thing by keeping going. Also it’s great you’re working with a trainer so that your form is good. II see a lot of people using poor form which often means they aren’t even working the muscles they’re trying to work! Not to mention risking injury.
    And I so agree on having an appointment. For me, it’s classes, but having the appointment that starts at a certain time, versus doing it on my own, makes all the difference in it actually getting done.
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