I’m at Goal!


Yes!  At long last, I’m at my Weight Watchers goal weight.  Actually, I lost 1.2 pounds to get to 145.8 pounds, which is .2 below my goal weight of 146 pounds.  I really wasn’t expecting to get there this week.  When I am losing, I lose an average of about half a pound a week and, as I got closer to goal, it was slow.  This was a good eating week, but activity was sparse as I was still taking it easy after being sick.  So, when I lost a pound between yesterday morning and this morning, I was surprised.  And, then I hurried over to weigh in officially.

It has been such a long road to get here.  I first got to goal (a lower goal then) in 1991.  I failed maintenance hard, and slowly regained.  I sporadically went back a few times to try to get off the “baby weight,” to no avail. In late 2007, I went back and weighed in at my highest recorded weight of 207.4 pounds.  Despite this I didn’t make much progress.

In August, 2010, I decided to really seriously dedicate myself to losing weight.  At the time, I was all the way down to 205.4 pounds.  The good news was that when I consistently attended meetings and tracked, I lost weight.

I lost over 45 pounds and then we got busy and stressed while finding a new house and moving.  I got completely derailed and regained over 30 pounds.  Eventually in August of 2013 I started going down a bit, then I starting attended meetings regularly.  At the end of that year, I started this blog and I’ve slowly lost weight, finally getting to goal!

What now?  It is clear to me that I am not done.  My body fat is still too high.  My scale seems to fluctuate between about 38% and 39% body fat.  As I previously posted, my primary goal now is body composition.  My guess is that to get to a reasonable body fat percentage I will need to be somewhere in the 130s.  But, I’m not sure.  It might be more or less.

It is also clear to me that I have weight loss fatigue right now.  Also, I feel that with restricting calories over the past few years, my metabolism has slowed.  Not so slow that I can’t lose, but slow enough that it is hard for me to create a good calorie deficit.

So, I’ve decided that for awhile (4 to 6 weeks perhaps), I am going to simply try to maintain between 146 and 148 pounds.  I don’t want to go above 148 pounds since I don’t want to have pay Weight Watchers and am currently free lifetime.  On the other hand, losing more weight right this minute isn’t the key priority to me.

I want to simply work on finding out what calorie level I can eat at to maintain weight loss.  I realize I may have some fluctuations so that I may have a gain when I next weigh in at Weight Watchers.  AS long as I don’t go over 148 pounds, though, I’m fine with that.  But, right now I just want to focus on getting my body to settle in at a normal weight.  Once I’ve done that for a few weeks, then I will probably work some more on weight loss, but really focusing more on body composition.  Of course, I will continue working with my personal trainer on strength training which is a primary way that I am working on body composition.  And, I’ll continue doing my cardio exercise.


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    Kitty! Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you!!! By all means you’ve earned some practice maintenance time (not that it must Be earned at all) . Way to go!!! I knew you would do it. 😃😃😃

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