Well, I thought was getting back into regularly exercising this week after missing some time due to being sick.  But, I got delayed for an unusual reason.  Monday morning I woke up and stretched in bed.  When I did, I got a sudden cramp in my calf.  This is not something usual for me.  I can’t remember the last time I had a calf cramp, if ever.

I’ve occasionally had a cramp in my foot, but that usually is very brief and no big deal.  Well, the calf cramp really hurt.  But, after a minute or two, it went away.  I noticed as I was walking around, though, that my calf still hurt and I generally felt a little shaky on my feet.

Then, I went to personal training.  I warmed up on the exercise bike instead of the elliptical since I still felt shaky on my feet. I told the trainer about the cramp and that I thought I should skip the lower body.  It became clear after a few minutes that I couldn’t even do that.  Just walking around the room was hurting my leg and I felt awful.

Tuesday was a little better.  I didn’t feel shaky any more which was good.  On the other hand, my calf really hurt and I limped around the entire day.  It was my daughter’s birthday so we went out to eat and my leg hurt just walking into the restaurant.  I felt like I had done a really heavy workout of my left calf and that it was super sore as a result.  That really amazed me since the cramp had only lasted for a minute or two.  Anyway, because of that pain, though, I didn’t exercise at all on Tuesday.

Wednesday I am going to try training again.  I’m hoping that the soreness will be gone or at least won’t be that bad.  I will probably skip the calf exercise I do and maybe the leg press but think I can do everything else.

Foodwise this last week and a half has been OK.  I’ve been eating a bit more as part of trying to maintain.  Theoretically I should have maintained or even lost slightly as I’ve eaten an average of 1305 calories a day. But, in reality, I’m up about 3 pounds from when I last weighed in!  If I sent to Weight Watchers today I would have had to pay.  I think this is basically water weight due to increased carbs.  I am hoping it will be down by Saturday.  Otherwise, if I go on Saturday I would have to pay if I’m above 148 pounds.  That is OK, I guess, since I am trying to figure out maintenance, but I would prefer to not have to pay. We’ll see.



  1. Sue says

    Have you had the leg checked out? Is it still sore? If it is red or swollen, could be a deep vein thrombosis, if you have been resting while not well before that.

  2. says

    Last year, I actually had to have an ultrasound done to check that type of thing out. I actually had a trabecular bone injury. Anyway, this time I’m really confident this is from the cramp. I had no pain at all until I had the cramp and then the pain. Not red or swollen. Soreness was better on Wednesday, so it seems to be resolving.
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