Thought Processes on Food

I was thinking today about the thought process I go through when I decide what to eat.  This was the snack that I had while on the way to the library.  I had forgotten I had a hold on a book that was going to expire today.  When I remembered it was late afternoon and I needed to go right out to get the book, a round trip of almost an hour.  As I got ready to leave, I thought about eating something and getting a drink.  This is what I ended up with:


This was actually a pretty healthy snack.  I had 1/2 cup organic blueberries, light organic cheese stick, and 8 natural almonds.  To drink, I had a can of LaCroix Cerise Limon carbonated water which had no sweetener, artificial or otherwise.  Deciding what to take for a snack didn’t take long, but I realized that I actually considered a lot of factors as I thought to myself as I was getting ready to leave.

“Hmm.  I’m hungry.  It isn’t quite dinner time, but I’ll be gone almost an hour and I am actually getting really hungry.  I could get a single serving pack of Popchips.  Those aren’t the best snack, but easy to eat in the car.  But, I’m watching carbs today.  I want my weight to get down to below 148 pounds by Saturday so I need to take it easy on the carbs.  I’m aiming at about 70 to 75 carbs today and the Popchips would put me over that.”

I thought about it a little more. “Well, I could get a cheese stick.  That is only 60 calories and is protein and no carbs.”  I went to get the cheese stick. “But, a cheese stick will be eaten very rapidly and I’ll still be hungry.  It isn’t enough for right now.”  I thought about it. “OK. I could have half a cup of blueberries with it.  That will add volume, but not a lot of calories.  Berries aren’t real high carb.”

I go in the kitchen to start getting my snack ready. “Hmm.  The cheese and berries are good, but I want some crunch.  I could put in a couple of triscuits.  No, too many carbs for today.”  I had pre-tracked my dinner(a salad) and 60 calories of dark chocolate as an evening snack.  I had about 200 to 300 calories left, but less than 10 carbs.  The triscuits would take me above where I wanted to be.  “OK.  I’ll have a few almonds.  That will add crunch but not a lot of carbs.”

I made the snack and started thinking about a drink.  “I can take a can of carbonated sparkling water.  But, it is almost an hour over there and back.  I’ll run out of water and may want to stop and get a drink.  If I do that, I’ll get a Coke Zero.  I don’t drink those at home any more, and only very occasionally have them away from home.  So, I can do that.”

I thought about it some more. “I had one yesterday on the way home from the Y.  I don’t need to get into the habit of having one every time I leave the house.  Better to just take two cans of water.”

So, that is what I did.  I took 2 cans of water and the snack.  The snack was 142 calories, 9 grams of carbs.  I’ve now had dinner and will have the piece of chocolate later in the evening and will end the day at 71g of carbs and…let me check…26 Weight Watchers points of the day.  That is a little low.  Since going on maintenance, I’ve increased my daily points from 26 to 29.  But, I really don’t think I’ll want more for the rest of the evening.  If I get hungry and want something more, I can have it but I’ll watch the carbs.

And, it took me way longer to write this post than to have the internal dialogue about my snack.  Of course, my thought processes don’t always lead to good decisions.  Sometimes, I make a decision that, in retrospect, I realize wasn’t the best.  But, most of the time I’ve gotten to a part where I’ve internalized this enough that it really isn’t much of a mental debate what to do.

Oh — about my calf.  It is still a little sore, but is much better today.  I think it will be OK by tomorrow.

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