Low Blood Sugar and Exercise

On Monday, I had what I think was an episode of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) after exercise.  This is apparently common in people with diabetes.  I don’t have diabetes, but I am insulin resistant and do have elevated blood sugar at times.

Monday I went to training.  I did the elliptical to warm up and then went to do strength training with my trainer.  On several exercises, we upped the weight so it was a little more intense than usual.  I do this as a circuit where I do one set of each exercise, usually with no rest between exercises except walking to each place.  I had my heart rate monitor on and I usually will stop and rest 30 seconds or so if my heart rate is above 140 or so.

On Monday, I noticed that I soon felt really tired.  Resting for 30 seconds or a minute to get my heart rate down didn’t help.  I also started feeling shaky and nauseated.  Finally, about halfway through the third set of exercises, I told my trainer that I was done.  I went out to the reception area where my husband was waiting for me.  Normally, we then go out to the car.  But, I felt like I couldn’t possibly walk out to the car.  I sat down at the table and my heart rate quickly came down.  But, that didn’t help.  I still felt shaky and nauseated and was worried that I would faint.

At some point, I realized that my symptoms would fit with what I had heard about as low blood sugar.  I’ve never really experienced it to that extent before, but it seemed to fit.  I recalled that I hadn’t eaten much that morning.  I had a Kind bar about 3 hours before exercising (about 15g of carbs).  Then, right before we went to the Y I had a cheese stick (no carbs) and a small piece of dark chocolate (9g of carbs).  At that point, once I thought about that, I had my husband go to the vending machine and he got me a Zbar which had 12g of carbs.  A little after eating that, I started feeling better.

While I can’t be entirely sure, I think my problem was low blood sugar.  While I don’t eat totally low carb, I do eat lower carb than most people.  I usually end up averaging about 100g of carbs a day (70 or 80 net carbs).  I think I need to pay attention to my carbs before exercising particularly on the more intense days when I am seeing the trainer.

I read some articles about eating before exercise for people with diabetes, which gave me some ideas.  So, this morning I tested my blood glucose when I got up.  It was at 94.  Then I had a Quest bar (chocolate cookie dough for breakfast) for breakfast.  Then, right before leaving for the Y I had a sandwich.  I used 2 pieces of 100% wholegrain sprouted grain bread (28g of carbs) with 2 ounces of turkey and a piece of Weight Watcher pepper jack cheese.  Normally I wouldn’t eat that much carbs early in the day (I often go a week or two without eating any bread, although I do sometimes eat it and do eat some other grains).  When we got to the Y, my blood sugar was at 124, which made sense given what I had eaten.

I went in, did the elliptical and then did my training session.  I did not feel awful during it.  A couple of times my heart rate went over 140 and I rested for 30 seconds or so, but all went well.  When it was over, I didn’t feel nauseated or awful.  I did test my blood sugar, which was just over an hour after I had had the sandwich.  My blood sugar was 90.

Blood sugar

That is actually really low for having eaten a sandwich an hour before.  So this really reflects how much exercise had lowered my blood sugar. I knew that exercise lowers blood sugar and diabetics are often told to exercise to help control blood sugar. I just hadn’t thought that it might lower blood sugar so much that I might become hypoglycemic.  If my blood sugar was 90 today after having about 30g of carbs at lunch, then it was probably much lower on Monday when I had had much lower carbs that morning than today I had 26 Monday including breakfast, versus 52 today including breakfast. From a net carb standpoint (carbs less fiber) it was 17 Monday versus 30 today.  So, chances are my blood sugar on Monday was well below 90 when I got finished exercising and may have gone below 70 to hypoglycemia.

And, I do remember there have been some times that I’ve finished at the Y and felt shaky and a little sick but never as bad as this last Monday.  I suspect that was on days when I hadn’t eaten much.  So, I’ll be watching this much more carefully going forward.


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    Wow, what an episode! Sorry that happened to you, but glad you figured it out!
    It’s interesting that your BG reacts so quickly, and so much, to carb intake and exercise. I wonder why that is. Anyway, great job figuring it out. I have kind of a weakness for those Quest bars, especially since they started selling them recently at my Trader Joe’s! It’s a constant battle, buy, don’t buy, eat, don’t eat. 😛
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      sorry, my “why that is” is a mechanical question. I get that you basically answered this saying it is likely due to insulin resistance for you. I’ll check out the links you posted. Interesting topic.
      Wendy recently posted…What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

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