September Weigh In

I weighed in for September today.

9-5-2015 WI

I was down 1 pound from the August weigh in and was at 146.4 pounds which is within my goal range with a goal of 146 pounds.

After the meeting we had lunch at The Counter.  I always order the chicken in a bowl (no bun) and it was great.  I like their Sweet Potato Fries, but the number of calories is more than I like.  So, today DH and I shared that and then we also shared a side of Turkey Chili.  The combination was great and weigh less calories than just ordering the Sweet Potato Fries for myself.

Afterwards, we went to the hospital to visit our daughter.  She has had a urinary tract infection and it has been stubborn in going away.  Basically it developed into a kidney infection and she is now in the hospital getting some IV antibiotics.  She was really sleepy when we went to see her, saying they kept waking her up during the night.  We hope she will be home soon.


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