Day Of Reckoning is Nigh

Well, a day of reckoning for me is near…Friday actually.  One of the things I’ve long wanted to do is have my body fat percentage checked using a Bod Pod.  When I first heard about it, it was kind of expensive so I decided I would do it when I got to my goal weight.

I know that my body fat is too high and my main goal now is to get to a body fat below 35% and, ideally, less than 30%.  I have  Withings scale which does measure body fat.  I think it is better than nothing, but it is very inconsistent.  Some of that is because the amount of water in our bodies changes and the other part is that these scales are just not that accurate at measuring body fat.  And, I’ve read they tend be more inaccurate for those with a lot of body fat and for those who are older.  So, I’m thinking that my scale probably under estimates my body fat.  Sigh.

So, I’ve arranged to have a Bod Pod measure of my body fat this Friday.  It will cost me $50.  In addition, I am paying another $75 to get my resting metabolic rate measure. As I’ve posted before, there are various equations that estimate resting metabolic rate.  Some use age and weight, while others take body fat into consideration.  Those, however, are just estimations.  I often feel the Fitbit estimate of my calorie burn is off a little.  It uses an equation that doesn’t take into body fat (since most people don’t know their body fat percentage this makes sense).  But, even so, the formulas that use body fat are still an estimation.

Another way is to actually measure your metabolic rate by having you breathe while wearing a mask.  Apparently the gases in the air you breathe out are analyzed and your metabolic rate is determined.  I am really interested in this test as I can compare it to what Fitbit uses and will be able to know how much that is off and make adjustments.  This is important to me in trying to maintain weight loss so I don’t overestimate how much I can eat.

Of course, the resting metabolic rate doesn’t tell me how much I actually burn each day since I do move around during the day and burn more than that.  Still, if Fitbit, for example, things I’m burning significantly more calories at rest than I am burning then I want to know that.

For this test, I can’t exercise or eat for at least 4 hours beforehand, since those things can affect my metabolic rate.  I’ve scheduled to do the testing at 11:00 and just won’t eat breakfast until afterwards.

I have a feeling I’m going to feel kind of sad after the testing.  Over the last month, my scale says my average body fat percentage was 38.4%.  The lowest was 36.65% and the highest was 39.25%.  I have this real feeling that the actual number is going to be over 40% which won’t make me very happy.  But, it is what it is and not knowing doesn’t change that fact.  I also suspect my resting metabolic rate is lower than the estimates say it is.  Again, though, the reality is what it is and not knowing won’t help me.

I’ll post back about the results after I do them.  My plan is to go back and do the Bod Pod again in a few months if I feel my body fat has gone down significantly.



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    This is really interesting, I’m interested in getting a Bod Pod done, too. I hope it’s better than you expect; surely your strength training has helped with that. Also, do you make sure you eat enough protein? Minimum is your weight in kg, in grams of protein per day. More if older or healing. It helps build lean mass and ensure losses come from fat, not muscle. Just a thought. Good luck tomorrow.
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