Checking In This Friday

Just thought I would check in.  There hasn’t been that much interesting this week either from a food or exercise standpoint.

Well, a little bit maybe.  Food, I’ve mostly worked on getting more protein. Let me see.  Since last Saturday, my daily protein has been: 99, 101, 135, 92, 90, 88, 87.  My goal is 100 grams and my bare minimum is 81 grams.  That is equal to my lean body mass.  I have enough body fat that eating equal to my weight isn’t really necessary.  So, 81g is OK, but I really want to hit 100.  With the limited calories I can eat and still lose fat, given my low resting metabolic rate (1120) it is super hard to get in enough protein.  I ate out Saturday (99g) and Monday (135g).  We bought rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods so I did pretty well early in the week.  Wednesday was low (90gfor a day when I did strength training.  The problem there is that I overslept so had a Quest bar for breakfast.  That was fine, 21g of protein.  But, I had weight training at 1:30 so wasn’t that hungry before hand.  I knew I needed to eat something so I didn’t get low blood sugar so I had a Kay’s Naturals pretzel sticks package (12g) and a cheese stick (7g).  That was OKish.  But then I had a salad for dinner (25g) and even with a couple of snacks only got to 90g for the day.

Thursday I struggled because I ran out of rotisserie chicken.  I did get a sandwich late in the day from Which Wich.  I made it a Skinny Wich (they remove some of the inside of the bread from the roll so it is less calories), I still just got to 88g.  Next time I go there I think I’ll get a Bowlwich which is no bread at all.  Then I could get double chicken and that would work to get more protein for but without the calories and carbs from the bread.

So, what I learned from this is to really priortize the protein and have some more lower calorie sources of protein.  And go to Whole Foods and get another couple of chickens when I start to run low.

Exercise was pretty good this week.  I worked out 5 days.  The new schedule with my trainer where I do 3 sets in a row instead of doing the circuit is working better for me I think.  It seems like more of a weight workout than before.  My heart rate doesn’t get as high but I don’t need it to.  I have my cardio days for that.

From a weight standpoint I’m up a couple of pounds from Monday.  I don’t think it is “real” weight gain as weight has fluctuated a lot this week.  I think my body is still adjusting the the higher protein and the changes in my weight workout.  I don’t have to weigh in until October so I’m not worried about it.


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