Third Quarter Goal Results

I just realized I never posted about my third quarter goal results.  The past two weeks have been incredibly stressful.   Various family things including family illnesses (not mine) have just made this very stressful the last two weeks.  I’ve done fine on eating except today (Sunday).  We went to Texas Roadhouse and, honestly, I was just feeling sorry for myself and went overboard.  No individual thing was horrible, but the whole meal was just way too many calories.  Anyway…

Third Quarter Goals:

Lose 2 pounds to get to my goal weight of 146 pounds – Done! I got there on July 31. I’m currently a little over that, but still within my Weight Watchers goal weight of not being over by more than 2 pounds.

Exercise 200 minutes a week of aerobic activity – I was a little under this.  Total was 163 minutes including strength training.  Most weeks were pretty good, but I was sick some in late July and that knocked down my average.  Also, I have been reassessing exercise to work more on strength.  I also got tired of the treadmill and it was too hot to walk outside.  Excuses, I know.  But, anyway, I feel pretty good about my overall activity level.

2 to 3 days a week of strength training – I did this almost every week.  There were a couple of weeks when I had only 1 personal training session due to illness of me or someone else.  On most of those occasions, I did make up the missed time at least somewhat.  For example, on Monday my husband is having out patient surgery so I have to cancel my usual training session.  But, I can do a fairly reasonable substitute using dumbbells at home.

Eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day – I didn’t do well on this.  I have been doing reasonably well on this, but I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately so have sort of slacked off on this.

Develop more activities out of the house – Work in progress.  My husband and I used to play duplicate bridge a lot.  In fact, it is how we met.  There was a time that I played at a bridge club about 5 nights a week and often went to tournaments on the weekend.  And, then we had kids.  I basically just quit playing for most of the last 20 years.  But, we’ve decided that we now have the time to get back into it.  I had basically forgotten everything I knew so I’ve been playing online and relearning what I forgot over the last 20 years.  My husband has been doing the same.  Soon, we plan to start going out and playing a couple of times a week.

Upgrade my clothes and appearance – I posted before that while obese and overweight, I tended to not want to do much in terms of clothes and appearance.  And, I want to do more. I did some work on this.  I’ve been paying more attention to what I wear and tending to wear a bit more makeup.  Still, I want to do more.  Right now, I’m not inclined to do too much on clothes, since I’m working on improving body composition.  Doing that may not make a huge difference in weight, but may make a difference in how clothes fit.  So, I do want to work on this, but it may take a backseat to body composition work.  We’ll see.

The most important thing I did during the last quarter was get to goal weight.  And, yet, that led me to get my body fat tested which resulted in me realizing just how much I need to work on body composition.  And, the last few weeks I’ve mostly thought about that.  For the first 6 weeks or so after I got to goal, I seemed almost at loose ends.  It was like I didn’t know what to do if I wasn’t trying to get to a normal weight.  I felt a bit adrift.  Once I had the body fat testing, I was able to to once again feel like I had a goal and knew what to do.  Until then, I was just really uncertain.  It was a strange feeling.

Will post 4th quarter goals soon.


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