October Weigh In

Just a quick post to say that I did my official October Weight Watchers weigh in:

Weigh in 10-2015

I was within my goal range for free lifetime, weighing in at 147.4 pounds. That was up 1 pound from last month, but still not more than 2 pounds over goal weight.  I posted yesterday about my stressful last few weeks, stating I hadn’t gained during that period.  And, I didn’t.  I gained the pound in the 10 days right after my September weigh in while I was trying to increase my protein consumption.  Early on, I found it hard to get enough protein without eating too much.

After about 10 days, though, I figured it out and managed to maintain for the last 3 weeks, even during some very high stress times.  But, I was already up about a pound from last month and stayed up.

Given how stressful this last few weeks has been, I’m thrilled to be where I am from a weight standpoint.  I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where I usually meet my protein goal without blowing the calories budget.  And, I’ve been happy with that.

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