November Weigh In

I attended my Weight Watchers meeting today and weighed in for November (as a lifetime member at goal I only need to weigh in once a month).  I was at 147 pounds, which is down .4 pounds from October.  I am still considered at goal since I am not more two pounds over my goal weight of 146 pounds.

Here is how my weigh in shows on the beta tracker on the Weight Watchers site:

11-2015 Weigh in

I posted this because I thought it was interesting that my goal weight is shown as 145.99 pounds.  Yes, I went and checked my goal weight in the section where we can put in our goal weight and that is showing 146 pounds.  I’m not really sure why this is showing it as 145.99 pounds.  Maybe it is because 146 pounds is the top of my healthy weight range.  Shrugs.

I have been pretty happy overall with the time since my last weigh in, particularly the last two weeks.  I was down .4 pounds which does give me a bit more breathing room, but I would like to be under my actual goal weight.

The last few weeks I’ve been eating within the range that I aim to eat in when working on weight loss.  I still am trying to lose body fat, while trying to gain muscle.  While I’m doing that I don’t expect much, if any, overall weight loss.  But, I would prefer to be a couple of pounds under my goal weight.

The last 2 weeks I’ve been able to get back into exercising and so my calorie deficit has been greater than before.  During most of October, I was really low on October as I had a lot of stressful stuff going on and exercise went by the wayside a lot of the time, particularly when I had to be away from the house a lot more time than usual.  The last two weeks, though, I’ve been able to be much more on track with activity.

It has finally been cool enough here that we can walk outside.  My husband had surgery earlier in October and has had to take it a little easy on the walking until he is fully recovered.  These last two weeks, though, he has been able to go on walks outside.  Ideally, he will soon be able to walk for a longer period and the weather will be nice (it is raining outside right now) and November will be a prime time for outside walking.  I do go to the Y a couple of days a week for personal training, but I really like the outside walking.(Weight Watchers members:  Check out the beta tracker and give feedback to Weight Watchers.  I sure do miss a lot of features — such as the weight loss graph.  I hope that with lots of feedback, we will see improvements in the beta tracker).



  1. mary says

    Thank you for sharing your ww jouney. I feel like a ww boomerang losing and gaining drop out and rejoin. I feel like a yo yo. Your blog gives me hope.
    How tall are you?? I am 5″3 and at 169 ( use to be 215 several years ago) I set my goal at 150 will have to get a Dr. to OK it but I know that won’t be a problem with my Dr. I just feel I won’t be able to maintain at 140 but maybe I could at 150. I was down to 135 but almost impossible to maintain it. Yikes perhaps 150 could be a weight I could manage.

    Good luck


    • says

      I’m 5’4″. Way back when (in the 90s) my goal weight was 125 pounds and I got there, but couldn’t sustain. Now my goal weight is 146 and I’ve been able to stay at that. I think that getting the doctor approval for 150 and doing that is a great option.

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