WW Beta Dashboard Woes

I’ve previously posted about the Weight Watchers Beta Tracker and Beta Dashboard.  I keep checking back to see if there has been any improvement.  Unfortunately, I find them just as frustrating as ever.  This is particularly unfortunate since the new program for 2016 will be coming out on December 6th.  With big changes happening to the plan, that really isn’t the time to have it be difficult to use the Weight Watchers site. Unfortunately, I don’t see any signs of improvement.

The first problem was that I couldn’t find an easy way to get back to what Weight Watchers used to call the “main site.”  This was where you had links to things like the message board and general information on the program.  The link was in the upper left hand corner of the tracker and, helpfully, said “Return to Main Site.”  Also, if I simply went to the Weight Watchers site, it would default to that page.  Now, it defaults to the new dashboard.

Anyhoo, I wanted to go browse the message boards and couldn’t find a way to get there.  Here is what I was seeing:

WW Beta Dashboard chat

I didn’t see any way to get there from here.  Yes, I clicked on all the various choices at the top.  Finally, I went on Google and searched for the Weight Watchers message boards and got there through that Google search.  I posted a query and found out there is a tiny link to Community on the page.  Do you see it?

The answer would be no.  That is because it is hidden by the 24/7 Expert Chat pop up.  I collapsed the pop up and then had to scroll the page down.  Once I did that, I could finally see the link to Community.

WW Beta Dashboard community

As you can see, there is a tiny link to Community on the bottom right if I both collapse the Expert Chat pop up and I then scroll down.  I’m frankly baffled why Weight Watchers wants to make it so hard to find the message boards. There is a lot of good information there.

And, it is not just that.  It is actually hard to find the other things that used to be on the site and were easily found from the old main site page. If you go to See What’s New, you do get a list of links on the left to the more general information that used to be much easier to find.  So, those are there.  Just not real intuitive to figure out how to get there.

The next frustrating thing was that I wanted to go to My Activity and to see if the double counting of Fitbit activity was fixed.  I wanted to scroll back for a couple of weeks and look at it.  Well, I could scroll back to November 11 and then it would just stop.  It wouldn’t go back any farther.  I tried doing it by week and by day and nothing worked.  Not sure what is going on there.

And, of course, it is still a pain to do it since you have to scroll back by day (or by week) and no longer have a drop down calendar to go to a specific day.  On the What’s New page, the WW VP of Content talks about the new Dashboard and Tracker and says: “We were really excited about the fresh, modern design, and so were a lot of members.”

I get that.  It is a fresh, modern design.  It is very pretty.  But, why can’t does fresh, modern design have to come at the expense of functionality?  Why can’t we have a fresh, modern design and still have a functional tracker and web site?  Why make it a tedious pain to do anything?  Function shouldn’t be sacrificed to design.

I actually hate tracking on the new tracker.  I still go back and use the old one, but I know it probably won’t be there for long.  It would take so little to do things like put in drop down calendars, or continue to have a weight loss graph.  Why allow us to see a week’s worth of activity, but you can only see Food on a daily basis?  The weekly summary is gone. I just don’t get it.  You can have function and good design both.

If you are a Weight Watchers member, I suggest using the new dashboard and tracker and clicking on “Give Feedback” and giving lots of it.

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