This Must Stop!

This must stop and it must stop now!  Actually, there are two things must stop.  First, the Weight Watchers online trackers have lost the ability to do math.  Second, my eating has been out of control.

Weight Watchers Trackers/Dashboard

This week Weight Watchers evidently decided the beta dashboard and beta trackers were good enough and deleted the old ones.  Sigh.  While they say they plan to add back in some functionality later (including the weight loss graph), the move has apparently resulted in more problems.  For example, if you look at the tracker for where I was at the end of Day 7 of last week, it looks like this:

11-20-2015 diary

Now, you might think I did really great last week.  I ate all my weekly points, but I had 94 Activity Points left!  Well, yes, that would be great.  Alas, I earned a paltry 4 Activity Points last week.  I actually ended up 31 points in the red!

This week, the new tracker says I’ve earned 19 Activity Points.  I haven’t.  I’ve actually (per the phone app) earned 3.

And, the tracker woes don’t end there.  For example, at the end of Sunday of this week it says I have 22 weekly points and 19 Activity Points left.  For Monday I recorded 36 points eaten.  So, since I get 26 daily points, I should then have 12 weekly points left at the end of Monday.  Instead the tracker says I have 17 weekly points left!  On another day, it said that at the end of the day I had 17 weekly points left.  When I then go to the next day on the tracker, it then says I have 22 weekly points left!

Obviously the tracker has entirely forgotten how to add and subtract and something is also terribly wrong with the Activity Points.  What is weird is that if I go to the Activity Points part of the tracker (on my computer), it says I’ve earned no Activity Points this week at all!  The Food Tracker, though, says I’ve earned 19.  My Weight Watchers phone app says I’ve earned 3, which I actually think is right.

Overall, the phone app seems more accurate …but not entirely.  For example, there was an entry I had put in the Food Tracker on my computer for 8 points for snacks (this was a correct number).  On the phone app, though, I was shocked to find out it was shown as a 106 point snack!  I have no explanation for that either.

So, as I write this, there is obviously something really wrong with the new tracker.  I looked at the message boards on the Weight Watchers site and I’ve seen others complaining about various problems as well.  This really needs to get fixed with the new program coming out soon.

My (Over)eating

And, on to the second thing.  I mentioned that I was 31 Points Plus in the red last week.  The problem started the week before that.  At the end of the week I was at -25 Points Plus.  That means I ate all my daily points, all my 49 Weekly Points and all my Activity Points earned that week.  In short, I had a calorie surplus.  MyFitnessPal tells me I ate an average of 1408 calories a day and Fitbit said I had  calorie surplus of 457 calories for the week.  OK, that was bad but was really not much more than a tenth of a pound.  I didn’t panic.

Then there was last week.  MyFitness Pal says I ate 1438 calories a day and Fitbit said I had a weekly surplus of 862 calories.  That wasn’t great.  For the two weeks together that would be an actual gain of about .4 pounds.  I wasn’t happy about it, but not that big a deal.  I had weighed in for November already and didn’t have to weigh in again until December, probably when I go to the December 6 meeting to learn about the new program.

So, if I stayed on plan for this week and next week, I could easily lose that .4 pounds and weigh in at maintenance level.  This week started out OK.  I ate out Saturday (1300 calories/33 points).  Sunday was a little more (1557 calories/41 points), but acceptable since it was one of the two days  I was going to eat out this week.  Monday I ate a little more than normal, but it was….OK (1350 calories/36 points).  At that point, I had 17 weekly points and 3 Activity Points left and planned to earn more Activity Points this week.  I felt on track.

The wheels fell off yesterday.  I actually did fine for most of the day.  My husband drove out of town to pick up my mother (she is 92) to visit us for Thanksgiving.  They got home in the afternoon.  Our son came home from college for the break.  Impulsively, I suggested to my husband that we go get Which Wich for all of us.  Even this wouldn’t have been fatal.  I could easily have gotten a Bowlwich (basically a salad) and it would have been fine.  Did I do that?  No.  I was hungrier than usual and I ordered a medium sandwich (I did get the skinny bread).   That was bad enough, but I added on a cookie and chips.  Just totally ridiculous.  That ended up being a 53 point day.  So I used up the rest of my weekly points and my Activity Points, putting me in the red.

Then, today, I just totally lost it.  Breakfast was fine.  We went shopping in the midday and I failed to eat lunch before leaving, then realized I was starving.  So, we ate out.  That meal wasn’t actually that bad, but I came home and just snacked for the rest of today.  I think I was in the full mode of “already blown it, so why not?”  Now, truthfully, I know that is just ridiculous.  Had I simply had a reasonable dinner and stopped there, I would have been OKish for the day.  But, I ate another 500 calories beyond that, finishing the day at 51 Points Plus (yes, I’m done eating for today).

Result?  I’ve eaten all of my Weekly Points and all my Activity Points and I am at -31 points for the week and I still have Thanksgiving and the day after to go!  So, what to do?  It would be very easy to simply say this week is totally blown to hell and gone so I should just eat whatever I want to.  Rational thought tells me, though, that doing that will just cause me to have even more of a calorie surplus this week.

I doubt I can stick to exactly 26 points tomorrow and Friday, at least, not without being miserable. I plan to aim for no more than 31 points each day.  That is a level I can eat at easily and if the weather is good I can walk outside and earn some Activity Points.

I feel foolish to have gotten so out of control for this last 3 weeks.  I absolutely know better.  I honestly haven’t done this for years.  Not since mid-2013.  I’ve had a few bad days since then, usually not more than one bad day at a time.  This must stop now.  This is the kind of thing that, in the past, has ended up resulting in a 20 or 30 pound gain.  Not this time.

I know that I want to go to the December 6th Weight Watchers meeting and I will be required to weigh in (as a lifetime member at goal I must weigh in at my first meeting of the month).  I also am highly likely to be above 148 when I do so which will mean I have to pay a meeting fee.  I hate doing it, but so be it.  Avoiding meetings would be a really bad thing to do.

My first task?  Following my own advice on getting through the holiday season.

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