Thanksgiving Food and Weight Watchers App Update

After yesterday’s post, I was super careful in what I ate today.

Thanksgiving food 2015

I’ve eaten 30 Points Plus and plan to eat a Weight Watchers jalapeno cheese stick (1 Points Plus) in a little while.  So, I’m where I wanted to be for today.

I did weigh and measure my food to make sure I stayed within my portions that I had planned.  I didn’t feel deprived and I enjoyed everything I ate.  And, I’m glad to be back into normal eating.

I got a bit of surprise when I went to Weight Watchers to try to record my food.  Online, I saw that I was at -114 Points Plus for the week.  Now, this hasn’t been a good week, but it hasn’t been that bad.  So, I went to my iPhone app.  While the online tracker has been wonky, the phone app has usually been more accurate.  I found that it also said I was in the red by 114 Points Plus.  I looked at it carefully and found that on some days it was double counting my points.  So, the day I really ate 53 Points Plus (awful, I know), the app said that I had eaten 106 Points Plus.

I then went over to the Weight Watchers message boards and found out that the phone app apparently updated last night to the “new” tracker.  So, all the errors in the online tracker are now showing up in the phone app.  Sigh.  Some members were reporting not being able to log into the app at all and that they had various other problems, including lots of inaccuracy in tracking.  I was able to log in, but the app wasn’t very responsivee and was just as inaccurate as the online tracker.

I am sure that eventually Weight Watchers will fix these problem.  I’m sure they want everything working properly before the new program comes out in December.  I doubt that they want users to think that the touted “biggest change in 50 years” is broken apps and a non-functional website.

I always have trouble talking about this kind of thing with Weight Watchers.  I have no doubt that they want to have a good product.  And, certainly, I want them to have a successful launch of the new program.  I am really pulling for them.  On the other hand, Weight Watchers’ technological backwardness is just baffling to me.  I don’t understand how they can get this so wrong so often.  I know they are trying, but that isn’t enough.  They need to deliver a product that brings value to their members.  A functional website and app should be a given.  Here’s hoping it all gets cleared up soon.

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