After Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving is gone and only the leftovers remain.  I did have some leftovers yesterday, but I weighed my turkey and measured my roasted potatoes.  After 2 weeks and 5 days of awful eating, I got a grip on Thursday and finished the week eating normally.

This morning I went to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I don’t have to weigh in until December, so I didn’t have to face that particular music yet.  This week’s  Weekly handout at the meeting was kinda cool, since my leader Dana was in it:


I loved her thought here.  I think it fits right in with the holiday eating tips that I posted here the other day.  I suggested not eating something if you don’t love it. I think Dana’s tip is looking at that from a different angle.  And, that is an angle that takes into consideration not just whether the taste is worth it, but whether the food itself is worthy of you.  When I think of some of the junk I’ve eaten, the answer is definitely no.

Let me see.  What else?  The Weight Watchers iphone app is still messed up.  It says that for my week that ended on Friday I was at -230 Weekly Points.  It was a bad week, but not that bad.  And, that -230 also shows on the new tracker on the website so that isn’t working right either.  Last night I was reading so many posts on the Weight Watchers forum and on the Weight Watchers facebook page, where people were having so many problems.

It just dumbfounds me that Weight Watchers released these products when they don’t work properly.  And, taking away the old tracker from the website doesn’t help.  I guess I have some tiny hope that this will all work better with the new program and that these problems are temporary until that program comes out in, presumably, 8 days.  The other part of me, though, wonders if the Weight Watchers programmers are just that bad and that it won’t be fixed before the new program comes out.

I still don’t know anything more about the new program coming out.  I did see a teaser that it will have 3 areas of focus.  In the CEO’s comments at various earnings calls, he consistently seemed to refer to 3 areas:  healthy eating, fitness and something variously referred to as wellness or emotional strength/wellbeing.  So, if I had to guess I would think those would be the 3 areas of focus, with weight loss being the overall result wanted.  That said, I could surely be off base.  I don’t see how those 3 things equate to the “biggest change in 50 years.”  Although, I guess it is all in how the areas of focus are structured and what we will be doing that is different from the current program.

I do plan to go to a meeting on Sunday, December 6, to find out about the new program as quickly as possible.  And, I’ll be coming home and posting about it.  If I don’t go to another meeting before then, I will have to weigh in on December 6th (as lifetime, I have to weigh in at the first meeting of the month that I attend).  The good news is that I am 2.3 pounds from my high weight on Thursday morning.  The bad news is that if I had to weigh in now I would be more than 2 pounds above my goal weight and would have to pay for the meeting.  I think there is a chance I could be at or below 148 pounds by the 6th, but there is a chance I won’t be.  Regardless, I’ll be at the meeting on that day.  If my weight is still up, I’ll pay.  It is certainly my fault if it is up, given my bad choices over the past couple of weeks.

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