2015 in Review

Yes, I’m sitting at home on New Year’s Eve writing my 2015 Year in Review post.  I don’t have pictures of fireworks to make this more festive so I’ll give you a few pics of Fluffy taking charge of the Christmas tree.


OK, having looked at the two best things ever — Cats and Christmas, let’s look back at 2015.

For this year, I did quarterly goals instead of annual goals.  I will talk a bit about the year as a whole and will also talk about how I did on my 4th quarter goals.

The big, overall goal for the year was to get to my Weight Watchers goal weight of 146 pounds.  The good news was that I did that on July 31st! [Read more…]

SmartPoints and Sugar

In an earlier post, I said I would do a post about the healthy eating aspects of Weight Watchers new program using SmartPoints.  Actually, I plan to do three posts.  One on sugar.  One on saturated fat.  And a third on the other aspects of healthy eating.

When I posted earlier about whether healthy eating must be restrictive, I talked about some of the objections I’ve seen to SmartPoints.  One of the main ones is some people feeling that the new WW program is too restrictive and too much like a diet.  I have seen this mentioned most often in connection with sugar.



There is no doubt at all that Weight Watchers has devised SmartPoints to discourage us from eating too much added sugar.  While foods with added sugar are not forbidden on the plan, they are expensive enough that we are much more limited in how much of that kind of food we can eat on SmartPoints as opposed to PointsPlus.  And, this is no accident. [Read more…]

Making A Weight Watchers Pandora Charm Bracelet

Like many Weight Watchers members, I have lots of Weight Watchers charms that I’ve collected.  I’ve not been happy with using them on my Weight Watchers key ring, since the rings keep breaking if I try to actually put keys on them.  Today, I made a Pandora charm bracelet using my Weight Watchers charms and some Pandora charms.  I got this idea from seeing someone do this on Facebook and was eager to try it.  I mentioned it to my husband and he gave me a Pandora gift card for Christmas, so we set off for the mall this morning.  I was very happy with the result:

WW Pandora Finished

Weight Watchers Charms

I first started with my 12 Weight Watchers charms:

WW Charms

In order the top row charms are : 25  pounds lost, 50 pounds lost, goal, lifetime key, 5% loss and 10% loss. [Read more…]

Great Lab Results

I just got back lab results from my recent doctor’s visit.  I was thrilled with the results.  And, I believe that some of the results are mostly attributable to the way I have been eating which is aligned with the goals of Weight Watchers’ SmartPoints.  In particular, the fact that I’ve reduced the sugar that I eat and am overall eating a healthier diet.  This is one reason I do like SmartPoints a lot.

Last year, I had some routine blood work done and was unhappy with some of my lab results.  Although my fasting blood glucose was normal and my triglycerides were OK at 104, I was shocked to see my A1C was 5.9% which was in the prediabetic range.  By then I had already lost down to about 159 pounds and was overweight and not obese.  I had worked on limiting bad carbs and during 2014 had eaten about 118g of carbs a day (96g net).

My LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol were a little high, my thyroid function was borderline low, my Vitamin D was shockingly low.

Based upon the results, I really worked on the eating part of it.  I bought a blood glucose meter and spent and tested my blood sugar in the morning and after eating to find out what foods raised my blood sugar.  I learned that I was definitely insulin resistant as some foods really spiked my blood sugar.  And, I really started eating in a way that I now realize aligns really well with SmartPoints.  I often eat a salad like this for one of my meals:

Salad 12-22

[Read more…]