Australian Weight Watchers Information about Calculating SmartPoints Value

(12/6 – Details on SmartPoints and Beyond the Scale from my meeting on 12/6 and from the program materials.)

In one of my posts, I indicated that it appeared to me that Weight Watchers’ new SmartPoints were based upon calories, protein, saturated fat and sugar.  This is because the new calculator (gotten to by setting my computer date to my weigh in date after 12/6) seems to only use those values to calculate the SmartPoints.  In other words, while you could enter the grams of fat, carbs, and fiber, those amounts did not change the SmartPoints.  You could just put in zero.  At the time, I made that post I cautioned that I wasn’t sure if that was how the calculator was going to actually work for all foods. The new program is not live and I was basing this on a calculator for a program not yet publicly implemented.

It appears, though, that this is actually how it works.  There is now more information about the program available on the Weight Watchers Australia site.  The Australian site talks about SmartPoints and how they are calculated.  Specifically it says:

SmartPointsTM value is based on kilojoules, protein, saturated fat and sugar.

That is very consistent with what I was seeing in the calculator.  Those were the only factors that mattered in calculating the SmartPoints. Food that is very high in sugar sometimes had up to double the SmartPoints as the food had when using PointsPlus.  On the other hand, lean protein (such as a chicken or turkey breast or lean fish) had a lower SmartPoints value than it had using PointsPlus.

Some members had been concerned about having to fill in 7 different numbers to come up with the SmartPoints value.  The Australian Weight Watchers information does seem to support the idea that only 4 of those numbers really matter:  calories, protein, saturated fat and sugar.  And, part of what that means is that WW is no longer treating healthy fats as being worse for you than any carbs.  Yes, WW is giving an advantage to lean protein, but I think that is warranted.  I’ve been working on improving my body composition so that I can increase muscle and lose fat.  And, eating enough protein is important to that.  So, putting protein first as the macro of choice seems reasonable.  And, I like that Weight Watchers is focusing on limiting sugar and saturated fat, rather than simply saying to limit all fats or all carbs.  At the same time, you can still choose to eat some of those foods, but the price for doing so will be higher.


  1. says

    I feel bad for WW because they are trying to simplify what is really a complex issue. The nutritional weight of food is hard to quantify with a calculator, which it seems they are trying to do here.
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  2. Jennifer says

    Have you been able to figure out yet if most fruits/veggies are still free? This is the thing I am most nervous about –ha! I think the rest of the revisions make sense for the most part.

  3. Helena says

    Hi I am in the UK and yes leader told us yesterday that fruit in smoothies will no longer be zero points (we have propoints in UK). I used to have 26 dailies and 49 weeklies and will get 30 dailies and 28 weeklies under Smartpoints – leader will get the same and she said she will not be able to manage on those weeklies and of course she already knows the new plan. Interesting. We have also been told that all our Propoints food scales, calculators, shop guide and eating out guides will be replaced free of charge. Plan launches here next week with Smartpoints starting on our weigh-in day.
    I agree re new tracker – I loved the classic one and tracked online and actually enjoyed it – it made it so easy but this new one is dreadful and I am having to track on paper at the moment as both the online tracker and the mobile app are playing up.
    I am a gold member and pay to have the online tracker so will cancel if it does not improve.
    I hear sugary foods will be more points but would be interested in which foods will be better value other than perhaps chicken and fish.
    We have filling and healthy plan – presumably you have something similar ie no counting points but eating to comfortable satisfaction from a list – again I will be interested to see how that list changes. I am a big fan of ryvita which used to be on the list years ago but no longer and I resent pointing them (1 propoint each) whereas a crumpet is “free” on F&H even though when pointed is 3.
    Really enjoy your posts Kitty

    • says

      I am getting the 30 daily and 28 weekly as well. I’ve been trying it out this week and it has been a little more difficult, but OK. I have today and Friday left and have 11 Weekly points left. The foods I’ve seen that go down are the high protein ones (chicken, turkey) and I also had a Quest bar go down 1 point (another one stayed the same). We have Simply Filling here which is like your Filling and Healthy. I’ve heard though that they won’t be marking Power Foods in the list of foods any more since the plan itself will help you eat healthier. I wonder if Simply Filing will be going away.

  4. Helena says

    F&H is staying here in the UK still but I imagine some of the foods may change. I don’t eat fish at all and maybe a bit of chicken once a month – wonder how people who are mainly vegetarian will find the new points values. I understand that the F&H foods will no longer show up as F&H on the tracker unless you are doing a whole day of it – I found it helpful to see how many of my pointed foods were green. Obviously it may be different in UK to Australia but it does sound increasingly as though it will be very similar. (no idea what a quest bar is 🙂 )
    I’ve not been able to try new plan yet as tracker does not yet show up food values for Smartpoints even on the days when we can see it will change over.

    • says

      I’m in the US so I bet we will keep Simply Filling to if you are keeping Filling and Healthy. A Quest bar is a kind of high protein bar, with low sugar. I think the values will be OK for vegetarians. For example, I had some black beans the other night and they were 1 point less.

  5. says

    Thanks for these blogs. I am a LT member since 2009 below goal and very confused by the changes and a bit scared because points plus worked so well for me.

  6. Beverley Davis says

    Sounds like a very sensible healthy plan.cutting back on sugar and saturated fats is key.
    I hardly ever have meat…maybe a few times a year..never buy it but have it at our children’s homes.
    Been a lifetime member for over 16years in Canada and go weekly to the lectures which I feel are important to attend and weigh in once or more times in the month. Weight Watchers is the best choice of lifestyle out there.
    Went from a size 14…tight 14 to a siz 10.
    I am 81 and feel better than ever with my Weight Watcher choices.

  7. Nicole Weisser says

    Hello, if we do not belong to ww or subscribed to ww web how can I find out what my totals are each week?? thank you

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