Weight Watchers Mobile App Lambasted

Oh, my!  The Weight Watchers mobile app is just being absolutely lambasted in the Apple App Store.  I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Some of the many 1 star reviews are so scathing that they are almost funny.  The other thing that is notable is how long some of the reviews are.  They are so detailed about everything wrong with the app.  I actually admire many of the reviews for their thoroughness.  You can see that these are written by members who want to love the app, but are very disappointed by it.

As mentioned before, Weight Watchers has acknowledged — and apologized for — problems with its app and website.  And, I’ve certainly shared the frustration with the app and with the website.  And, I’ve read many complaints on the Weight Watchers forums.  But, honestly, the real detailed criticism is on the App Store reviews.  The complaints on the forum are mild in comparison. The App Store Reviews certainly could explain why the Weight Watchers CEO has apologized (it doesn’t explain why Weight Watchers hasn’t offered some sort of a credit to paying customers).

Just tracking on the mobile app tonight I was annoyed.


First, with my Iphone 6 Plus, this is all I get to see.  I can’t see my dinner or my snacks.  Also, I wanted to know how many points I ate today.  I know I don’t have any daily points left.  And, I have 29 weekly points left.  But, have I used no weekly points today or have I used 20?  You might think that I could look at my daily total to easily figure out that information.  Nope.  There is no daily total.  Instead, I have to scroll down the page (everything is enormous) and then add it up.  Tedious. (I’ve actually used 1 Weekly Point today thus far).

I went to my list of foods and and the list is so long and all I can do is scroll through it alphabetically.  (If there is a better way I haven’t found it).  You might think that the big search field would work to find the foods I’ve added.  You would be wrong.

And, honestly, there are people whose situations are more dire than mine.  The past few days the mobile app has properly recorded the foods I’ve added.  And, hasn’t double counted them.  (The web tracker is a different matter).  But, many people have problems with not being able to track and food disappearing and then reappearing but being double counted.  It is such a mess.

Why do I not know whether to laugh or cry?  Many of the reviews are flat out funny to read (not funny to the members posting them, I’m sure) because they show how much the mobile app has been such an epic fail for Weight Watchers.  I think I want to laugh to keep from crying.

Why cry?  I think that the new plan looks really awesome.  I’m incredibly excited to try it.  (I’ve actually been tracking under both programs this week.  So far, I’m at 27 PointsPlus/29 SmartPoints for today).  And, I keep reading in the reviews about Weight Watchers members who are throwing in the towel and leaving Weight Watchers due to their very valid frustrations with the mobile app and with the website tracking.  That is a real shame because I think many of them would love the new program.

I know Weight Watchers has had some financial problems.  I have been a lifetime member for 24 years (during a lot of that I was not at goal weight).  I’m a Weight Watchers fan and I want to see it succeed.  I thought that between the Oprah investment and the new program (especially the new program) Weight Watchers was poised to turn things around.  The last thing they need is to run off customers by getting the technology wrong.  And, this is starting to get some wider publicity as in this Advertising Age article about Weight Watchers’ Web Woes.  I’m sure that this will all get straightened out.  Weight Watchers has said that at least some missing features are coming back. I really hope that Weight Watchers will read those App Store reviews and take them to heart and figure out how to make things right with their customers.



  1. Kim says

    I have been tracking in my written journal with SmartPoints and tracking my pointsplus in the app this week and I have noticed huge differences in both every day. Sunday I had 2 pointsplus remaining but was -5 on my SmartPoints, Monday it was 9 extra pointsplus and 0 SmartPoints left, Tuesday I had 11 pointsplus remaining and 1 SmartPoints and today I had 7 pointsplus remaining and 0 SmartPoints. But I also believe that this will help me make much healthier choices now.
    I lost over 80 lbs on momentum and was losing until the new program came out but once the program changed to tracking fat, carbs, fiber and protein instead of calories, fat and fiber I started gaining. I’d lose once in a great while but most weeks I would gain because I changed my food choices completely due to many foods going way up in points. I feel the new plan is closer to the old one and I will be forced to make the smarter choices. I’m excited to see the whole program rolled out:-) thanks for posting how to access it. I’d been searching for weeks.

    • says

      Yes, I’ve been double tracking this week also. I find that I am needing to be more careful about what I eat. I wasn’t a huge sugar eater, but a lot of foods are still 1 or 2 points higher. There are some that are lower, so we’ll see. I did well on Momentum also (although I was also fine on PointsPlus). I think a lot of people who liked Momentum better will do well on the new program.

  2. Sue-Rae says

    I agree with you about the refund. I’ve left feedback suggesting that. I am also really excited about the changes to the program. That said the tech implementation has been a disaster. Besides just dropping it unannounced there are way to many bugs, syncing issues, linking issues etc. WW really needs to learn how to communicate early and often, abut changes. They also need to thoroughly test the changes before release, not just with the tech team but a group of people who navigate the site every day, as some of the issues are caused by a lack of understanding about how people use the site. Getting to the community pages has improved, but there are still way to many menus to go through to get to where most people want to go. Fortunately I booked marked my home page ages ago, so i found out about the change when I went to track that day. I have since book marked other pages I use regularly so I don’t have to use the home page to get to them.

    In addition to be being a member on and off since I was 17, I am also an IT project manager and speak with that hat on – this has been a unmitigated disaster , it has been almost a month since the website went live and there are still major issues, The Droid app is as bad as the apple one, And yes they should give everyone a refund for the inconvenience, caused.

    • says

      Agree 100%. It just dumbfounds me that they can come out with what is looking like it will be a great program and then get the website and apps so messed up. I do hope they will get that part together soon.

    • Jennifer says

      Yeah, I used to track with My Fitness Pal and they were always SO great about recruiting beta testers from their user group before they rolled out changes and/or updates. Even if you weren’t chosen as a tester, you still felt like they were taking member feedback seriously.

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