December Weigh In

Today I did my monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers (as lifetime at goal I must weigh in at my first meeting of the month).  This week, I tracked using SmartPoints using the new method of calculating points. I also tracked with PointsPlus and ended up 8 SmartPoints left at the end of the week (21 PointsPlus). I was thrilled to be down .4, weighing in at 146.6 pounds. And, actually, I was down 2 pounds on my home scale from where I was last Saturday.  So, this week’s loss was pretty dramatic.

Weigh in 12-5-15

Now, truthfully, I want to improve my body composition and lose some fat, so I would really like to lose a few pounds still.  So, I have myself set to losing mode on Weight Watchers, not on maintenance.  Now, it may sound like not much to have lost .4 in a month.  But, I had 3 really bad overeating weeks in November.  On the day before Thanksgiving I was legitimately at a calorie surplus since my November weigh in.  I was expecting to gain when I weighed in for December.  In fact, I would say it was better than even money that I would have been over 148 pounds and would have to pay.

I did start getting in gear on Thanksgiving and I ate carefully this week and really endeavored to stay within my SmartPoints.  It was new to me to do this and there are definitely some foods that are quite different so it was an adjustment.  Given how terribly I ate earlier in November (the worse overeating I’ve done in over 2 years), I was beyond thrilled to have a loss today.  My scale says I lost 2 pounds this week, so that makes me even more excited about the new Weight Watchers’ program which goes live tomorrow, December 6th.  (No, I won’t lose 2 pounds every week, but it was nice to see this week). Note that the new tracker and points won’t show up for you on the website or app until your usual weigh in date.  (I’ve been using it this past week by advancing my computer’s date to my weigh in date next week).

I’ll be going to a meeting Sunday morning, though, so I will know all about it as soon as possible.  And, I’ll be reporting back.



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      Given how wretchedly I did the first few weeks in November, I was thrilled. Thanksgiving morning my home scale said was at 150.3 pounds. So to get down to 146.6 was great (all things considered). This month I plan to skip the whole overeating thing.

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