More Australia SmartPoints Information

I know that this (or something similar) will soon be on the U.S. Weight Watchers site.  But, here are some links to more information from the Australian site (remember, plans can differ somewhat from country to country):

General Information about the SmartPoints plan – This seems pretty consistent with the posts I’ve done regarding the new program.

SmartPoints FAQ – This confirms that your daily SmartPoints allowance is based on age, gender, height and weight.  What is interesting to me is that it doesn’t say what the weekly allowance is based upon.  And, it is clear, that it does vary from person to person.  I know mine will be 28 and my husband’s (also lifetime at goal) will be 42.  The other thing is that it says you will get a personalized weekly SmartPoints allowance each week.  It is unclear whether that number ever changes.  I’ll have to inquire about that.

FitPoints Introduction – These really do sound like Activity Points with a new name.  You will get a personalized FitPoints goal for the week.  As you get more fit, the goal will change.

FitPoints FAQ – The most interesting thing is that the FAQ pretty strongly discourages you from swapping FitPoints for food unless you are doing a lot of high-intensity workouts.  I think you still can do it, but you shouldn’t.

Special Considerations – This deals with special situations such as nursing mothers, young members, and so on.  It does note that the daily SmartPoints allowance for men is higher than that for a woman of the same height, weight, and age due to the larger muscle mass of men.

This does generally confirm the information gleaned from setting your computer clock forward and going to the U.S. site.


  1. Debb S (from Minnesota) says

    I am so glad I found your site, I appreciate all the information. I went on the Weight Watcher site this morning anxious to read about the new plan… it is so inspiring to have change, I find. But, the site runs VERY slow, so that is frustrating. Question, do you have a link to do a personal assessment as they talk about to figure out your smart points daily allowance? I can’t find anything, and I am a paying member that attends meetings. Thanks.

    • says

      The assessment won’t show up online until your regular meeting day. However, your SmartPoints allowance is based upon weight, age, height and gender. If you have a mobile app, most people can scroll through to their meeting day and see the allowance.

  2. linda rose says

    Did I read on your site somewhere that Weight Watchers will replace the Points PLus Shop book and the Points Plus calculator? I read it somewhere but can’t remember where. Thanks!

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