Weight Watchers New Program Meeting Details

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting this morning to get the official information on the new Beyond the Scale program using SmartPoints.  When I went in, staff had on these super cool T-shirts (well, except, for the male staff member who wore a plain black T-Shirt).  I loved the shirts and would pay money for one:

Shirt Back

My leader, Dana, and me. Note it was early in the morning for me and I wasn't wearing makeup! Oops.

My leader, Dana, and me. Note it was early in the morning for me and I wasn’t wearing makeup! Oops.

Materials were handed out at the end of the meeting in a festive package:


I bought one of the handheld SmartPoints calculators for $9.95.  It is always nice to have a calculator in hand in case I’m not near my computer and don’t have my iPhone handy. This is also nice because you can use it to calculate your Daily and Weekly SmartPoint allowances.


There was a starter kit, which I didn’t buy since I didn’t need most of the stuff in it.  I think it also has some coupons in it, so it may be worthwhile if you will use the items in it.

Starter Kit

But, the main reason I went to the meeting was to find out anything about the program that I didn’t already know and just to hear it all from an official source.  It was a fun meeting and Dana did a great job.


I have posted a lot about the new program already.  What I want to focus on here is anything new I learned in the meeting and comparing the differences and similarities between the new program and PointsPlus.

As a reminder, the Weight Watchers website and mobile apps won’t change to calculate SmartPoints and to have you go through the assessment until your normal weigh in date this week.  So, for me, it won’t change until next Saturday.  And, you can’t change your weigh in date during this week.

Points Allowance

Both your Daily SmartPoints and your Weekly SmartPoints are personalized to you.  I confirmed that both of them are based upon your weight, height, gender and age.  You do not need to do the assessment to learn your SmartPoints.  You can calculate it using the handheld calculator pictured above (it was $9.95) or scroll through the days on the mobile app to your next weigh in date (if that still works, which I can’t figure out because the app says I don’t have an internet connection even though I am 18 inches away from my router finally able to log in again and scrolling to my weigh in date does show my new SmartsPoints).  Note, that it doesn’t work to do this on the website through the browser as the arrow grays out when I try to scroll to next week.  I am still able to get the information and use the calculator by setting my computer date forward to my weigh in date.

I will get 30 daily SmartPoints (the minimum) and 28 weekly SmartPoints if I am set to losing mode.  If set on maintenance, I would get 36 daily SmartPoints and 28 weekly Smartpoints.  For me, I get a total of 7 SmartPoints more a week than I got on PointsPlus.  For my husband, also lifetime at goal, he also gets 30 daily SmartPoints (if set on losing), but he gets 42 weekly SmartPoints.  For him, this is 7 SmartPoints less a week than what he got on PointsPlus as he also got 30 daily points on PointsPlus.

As far as I can tell, weekly SmartPoints change from person to person in increments of 7.  The lowest I personally know of is 21 and the highest is 42.  Playing around with the calculator, though, I was able to get to a minimum of 14 weekly SmartPoints (for someone in her 80s, who was 5′ tall and weighed 105 pounds).  The highest I saw was 42, but I haven’t tried all possible combinations.  However, even a man weighing 500 pounds only would get 42 weekly SmartPoints (although a lot more daily SmartPoints).

One big difference here between PointsPlus and SmartPoints is that the minimum for both men and women is 30 daily SmartPoints, while my daily PointsPlus was the minimum of 26.  The other big difference is that the weekly SmartPoints vary from person to person.  For me, a big difference is that my daily minimum is more, so I found it a little difficult on some days to actually get to my minimum on days that I was really eating healthy and not eating out.

I think varying the weekly SmartPoints is a flat out brilliant idea.  When I weighed 200 pounds I had the same minimum daily PointsPlus and same 49 weekly PointsPlus as I have when I am at my goal of 146 pounds.  In fact, 26 daily PointsPlus and 49 weekly PointsPlus  was the minimum for anyone.  This could make it really hard on women who were short, older or smaller.  The problem was that they couldn’t really reduce the daily points any more, as Weight Watchers tries to set a baseline minimum intake of 1000 calories a day.  When the  Weekly PointsPlus were the same for everyone, there was no room to maneuver.   Now, it is much better.  There is a minimum amount of daily SmartPoints which is 30.  But, my weekly SmartPoints can still go down.  For example, I played around with the calculator.  At 135 pounds, I would still get 28 weekly SmartPoints. At 130 pounds, I would get 21 weekly SmartPoints.  I think this change will really help some women to lose better.

Calculation of SmartPoints

PointsPlus were based upon total fat, total carbohydrates, fiber and protein.  SmartPoints are based upon calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.  Basically, saturated fat and sugar raise the SmartPoints value, and protein decreases the SmartPoints value.  PointsPlus penalized food for total fat and total carbs (mitigated by fiber).  The thing is that we now know that not all fat is unhealthy and some carbs are much better for you than others.  SmartPoints penalize saturated fat and sugar instead.  Both programs give an advantage to protein.  Some people have said that this is a minor tweak to the formula.  It is not a minor tweak.  

Before, the amount that PointsPlus varied based upon these factors was relatively small.  Many people, if out and about, would look at total calories of a food and divide it by 40 and would find that they were within a point or two of the actual PointsPlus value.  You can’t do that with SmartPoints.  The amount that two foods of the same calories will vary on SmartPoints can be dramatic.  A turkey breast, without skin, that is 158 calories is 1 SmartPoint.  On the other hand, a sugary Coke that is 158 calories is now 10 SmartPoints!

So, using an average calorie per point to do a rough calculation is basically not going to be something which will work very well. It depends so much on what kind of food it is.  If you think the average calorie per point is 38 (what mine actually was last week), and you use that to do a rough calculation for sugary foods, then you will be way undercounting your SmartPoints for that food.

I can’t emphasize enough how sugar and saturated fat really increase the SmartsPoint value. Many sugary foods have doubled or almost doubled in points.  The non-fat frozen yogurt that I ate for 3 PointsPlus last month is now 6 SmartPoints! Saturated fat doesn’t usually make such a dramatic increase because it is often paired with some protein.  Sugar, though, often comes by itself or paired with saturated fat (like in a donut). Still, not every food changes.  In the written materials, Weight Watchers says that about 40 percent of foods are unchanged.

Weight Watchers makes it clear in the written materials that one reason to switch to this system is to encourage healthier eating.  That said, I really do think this is likely to help weight loss. One of the staff members spoke at the meeting and she talked about starting to use SmartPoints in August.  She was at lifetime and had been near the top of her range.  She wanted to lose some weight and found that she lost pounds on SmartPoints.  She also saw her cholesterol go down 30 points and other health numbers improved as well!  She was wearing a pair of jeans that she said fit in her during the summer. At the end of her talk, she pulled off her old jeans (without unzipping them) and had a smaller size pair of jeans on underneath!

So, yes, I think that for many people this program is going to end up encouraging eating healthier foods that happens to be less calories.  And, weight loss will improve as a result.  I suspect that some members who were successful on Momentum and who struggled with PointsPlus will do very well on this program.


Activity Points are now renamed to FitPoints.  On PointsPlus, it was often emphasized how you can swap activity for food.  I rarely did so, but it was an option.  It is still an option, but is discouraged.  The default is to not swap activity for food.  You can, however, choose to still set your tracker to swap FitPoints.  My take on it is that it is good to swap FitPoints if you are engaging in a lot of really intense activity and need more fuel for your body (no, my hour long walk around the neighborhood doesn’t count as a lot of intense activity).  It is OK to swap FitPoints for food if you are running out of weekly SmartPoints and would start overeating if you knew that you were in the hole for the rest of the week.  That is, if eating FitPoints keeps you on track better than simply going over SmartPoints for the week, then that may be the better choice at that point.  However, it is a really bad idea to eat FitPoints so you can eat more sugary, high saturated fat foods.

One thing that wasn’t talked about in the meeting, but is in the written materials, is that FitPoints are not equal to Activity Points.  You earn more FitPoints for the same activity than you would earn Activity Points.  For example, yesterday, I earned 2 Activity Points on a 30 minute walk around my hilly neighborhood.  With FitPoints I would have earned 3.

Oh, there is going to an app called FitBreak which are short exercises that you can do when you want to take a short fitness break (I think these are a minute or two long, but I’m not sure).  The app is supposed to be out in a day or two.

Simply Filling

Simply Filling still exists and seems to work pretty much the same way.  I don’t follow it so I don’t know all the fine details, but the basic idea works the same.  I am not sure how often you can change between Simply Filling and SmartPoints, though.  The food list no longer shows Power Foods.  For those using Simply Filling, only, you will see a green circle for No Count foods (basically the equivalent of Power Foods).  Note that if you used all your weekly points each week on Simply Filling, you may find it more difficult.  Your weekly points are less now, so you can’t eat as much of the foods that have to be counted.

Good Health Guidelines

Gone.  You no longer track Healthy Checks because the Good Health Guidelines don’t exist.  In explaining why you no longer see the Good Health Guidelines (or Power Foods for members who track all their food), Weight Watchers explains:

Because healthy choices are now embedded into the SmartPoints formula, you no longer need to focus on these guidelines or Power Foods.  SmartPoints takes care of it!

I think that is basically right.  The interesting part to it is that it shows that Weight Watchers is giving up on encouraging consumption of milk (dairy) servings.  The one Good Health Guideline that I rarely met was the one on dairy.  I tend to have a little bit of lactose intolerance and drinking milk or products made with a lot of milk was difficult for me.  I did eat some cheese, but it was hard to eat enough to meet those guidelines (at least hard to do so and stay within my PointsPlus).  I was pretty much convinced from other things I read that I really didn’t need to have all that dairy, so I just gave up trying to meet that guideline.  I’m glad that Weight Watchers isn’t really forcing the dairy foods on us.

Fruit and Veggies (this section added on the evening of 12/6 based upon questions received)

Zero point fruits and veggies are still zero point.  I haven’t check every one of them but that is the general indication.  On page 5 of the Weekly, it refers to fruit being 0 points if eaten and in recipes. (Veggies aren’t mentioned there but are treated the same).

In fact, if now used in the recipe builder they are still zero points unless you check the blended box at the bottom.  As many know, the old recipe builder added points for fruits and veggies used in a recipe.  The new one changes that.  They are now zero point if they would be zero point when eaten by themselves.  There is one exception.  If you check the blended box at the bottom of the recipe builder, then fruits and veggies will be counted in a recipe.  You are supposed to check that for anything that been put in a blender or food processor.


Those are the high points from the materials and meeting.  If there is anything else you are curious about that I didn’t talk about, please post a question in the comments and I’ll tell what I know (if anything).  Also, if you got any additional information in your meeting that I haven’t covered, please share.  In a 30 minute meeting, I know there was a lot that just couldn’t be gotten to.


  1. Darlene says

    I just found your website this week. Thank you so much for sharing such detailed information. I am a lifetimer who has gained 10 pounds. If I can stick to this new plan I know I will lose. Cutting sugar is the hard thing for me, although I know it’s not a healthy choice. I eat lots of healthy foods too. I always ate every point coming to me, including activity points, and lost over 100 pounds. One of the things that kept me coming back to Weight Watchers was that fact that you could eat anything. Now it seems you “can” eat cake, but it just about uses up an entire day’s points. Bummer.

    • says

      Eating sugary stuff does take a big hit, for sure on it. I had dark chocolate 3 times last week and still had weekly points left (well, 8 of them). But, I did eat really small portions. As lifetime, though, if you are at the weight you want to be and don’t want to lose any more then I think it is fine to eat a bit more so you stay in balance. I lifetime, at goal, but still want to lose a little bit so I’ll stick with the losing mode for awhile.

  2. Debb S (from Minnesota) says

    Thank you! I have tried ALL day to find info on the site, but I either could not get on or it was soooo sloooow, it was agonizing. You covered my questions very well. I am anxious to do a personal assessment though. The best to you on your continuing journey beyond the scale… Be well… keep up the posting, I love it!

  3. Andy says

    Thank you for all the updates! I’ve really appreciated you putting all this together, especially since WW has been so silent on the subject! (I realize they want to roll it out properly, but some of us get anxious and want to know how to plan! LOL)

    I wonder if they talked about points for alcohol in your meeting? (or if you can see them online?) They were always a bit of an anomaly since if you plugged in the nutritional info into the old calculator, you would get a lower number than the one WW assigned (since they had to account for the alcohol content but the calculators weren’t programmed for that.) Just curious! 🙂

  4. Sue-Rae says

    Thanks for the information. I love what you’ve told me about the new way of calculating points. I was a bit concerned about the sugar counting, because I feel that added sugar is the issue, not naturally occurring sugar in dairy products for example. But the fact that the protein in the food mitigates the sugar makes sense, since labels don’t have carry the amount of added sugar yet. FYI one of my online WW friends posted your link in a blog, and I am paying forward, by posting it on group and challenge discussion walls. you guys are so awesome and inspiring.

    • says

      Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. A little bit of sugar in food that has protein isn’t a big deal points-wise. A piece of cake or a sugary drink is a lot of points. And, fruit and veggies that were 0 point remain 0 point.

  5. vanessa says

    I cannot get to my weigh in day on the mobile app either. The arrow is gray. To get the mobile app to work, allow the picture of Oprah to come up, go to the next page and click on the $169 for a year button. Then a Lets Get Started button will come up that allows you access to the app. Still a lot of stuff that doesn’t work but at least you can track!

    Thanks for all the good information. I’m online only so this really helps!

    • Ann says

      I can’t find any option for a yearly subscription which is really what I’d like. I have been a WW member before so I have a log in – which the app won’t let me enter – and the website doesn’t have a yearly membership. Are others of you getting the option to join for a year?

  6. Linda Wing says

    Thanks for posting all the new changes and updates for the new plan! Being a Weight Watcher for the last 11 years I’ve seen a lot of changes! This seems to be right up there with the last one! From what I hear from you they are good changes! I initially started on CORE and could never understand why Weight Watchers allowed all the sugar and stuff people ate! Hard to lose weight on that stuff! Thank you again!

    • says

      Yes, I know what you mean. I started out in the exchange days when you could eat junk but you only got something like 750 optional calories a week and all the junk had to go there. So, you could have some, but not too much.

    • says

      They had a little bit, but not a lot. There were some chip type things that were mostly gluten free. They were 2 SmartPoints a serving. There were potato crisps and hummus chips. Also, some garlic sticks. There were some cheddar twists that had 2 SmartPoints, but I would be least likely to eat them since they had refined wheat flour. There was some sort of toffee snack bar that was 5 Smart Points (130 calories). It also had some refined wheat flour and 6g of sugar. I thought it was kind of high points for what you got. These are on sale in the shop on the Weight Watchers website.

      • Deborah says

        I follow SF and was concerned about having to count points for my formerly free fat free half and half. They had a new product at th meeting which are packets of coffee creamer, 0 points, so I picked up the mucho mocha flavor. Had one in my coffee this morning with some added skim milk and I think I will be using that instead of FF half n half. Nice chocolate flavor.

    • says

      I think it was $39.95. It had a collapsible bowl, a cutting board with built in measuring cups, a cookbook, a nice looking journal and some coupons worth I think $30 (but I don’t know what each coupon is for).

  7. Jayna says

    Thank you so much for your blog! I love to read it! I was wondering how much the shopping guide and food companion is? I plan on buying the starter kit and calculator at my Tuesday meeting and just thinking about how much cash I need.

    • says

      There was a Plan Guide that had an overview. It is 80 pages but most of it is recipes and meal planning stuff.

      There is a pocket guide that has the SmartPoints for a lot of foods, explains Simply Filling, and has the chart for determining how many FitPoints you’ve earned.

      The Weekly Handout was what I actually found really valuable, as it had a number of Q&As in it.

  8. Kathy says

    Thanks for information about the change in WW. My meeting is Wednesday, the waiting that long would be hard for me. I am a new lifetime member and WW has helped me with this journey. Are fruits still 0 points? You gave a lot of very helpful information, thanks!

  9. Chris says

    Thanks for filling us in. My weigh-in day is Thursday. I’m also a lifetime member, who’s gained some weight back. I did really well before PointsPlus.
    I’m looking forward to a new start! I have just a couple of questions:
    How about avocado?
    And how much is a Tbsp of sugar? I have a Tbsp of brown sugar on my oatmeal.

  10. Nana Norris says

    Thanks for the info. I will not be able to attend this week’s meeting for the rollout here in the US, so now I can understand what is happening prior to next week’s meeting. All you gals are great!

  11. shari says

    You mentioned that on a ‘good ‘ day you could not reach 30 , minimum dpa. Is that a problem if you don’t meet the minimum of 30 if you are eating healthy?
    Also, what to do about 2 tsp. of evoo?! You mentioned your dairy for ghg/fruit/veggies, etc. But no mention of water intake/day and evoo? Just drop it? How many smart points is a tsp.?
    Thanks! Love your postings very much.

    • says

      Your body does need a certain amount of nutrients and the minimum is designed to make sure you eat enough to get them all. Saturday I ate 27 SmartPoints which is less than the minimum, but it was 28 PointsPlus so I was above that minimum. I wasn’t too worried about it since usually I will get to the minimum and I knew I ate healthy foods that day. I do think this is part of why WW is recommended people take a multi-vitamin. I wouldn’t, however, go under my minimum repeatedly without checking wit the doctor on it. I drink tons of water all day so I didn’t need a GHG for that one. I will still do it. Same on the healthy oils. When WW instituted that, some people were taking lowfat too far and weren’t getting enough healthy fats. The 2 t. oil was to remind people to do that. I personally think people need healthy fats, although I found it frustrating that the guidelines only really recognized one kind of healthy fat (oil in a teaspoon) versus things like the fats in oil. People on Simply Filling still get 2 t. of healthy oils for 0 points. So, I think WW still thinks that getting some of those is a good idea. 1 t. of olive oil is one SmartPoint.

      • elena says

        Hi. Thank you for your explanations. I am confused with the above reference to 0 points for healthy oil. Can you clarify? What do you mean by healthy fat (oil in a teaspoon) v. fat in oil? I have been losing weight on points plus and have always counted points for olive oil used in cooking. I did not realize I got any free points for oil. Which oil was 0 points?

        • says

          If you are tracking points, you do use points for the oil. So, you have been doing it right. However, some people follow Simply Filling where you don’t track foods that are No Count foods (used to be called Power Foods). They use their weekly points to track foods that are not No Count Foods. Oil is something they would have to track; however, they do not have to count the first 2 teaspoons each day of healthy oils (like olive oils).

  12. cathy moore says

    thanks so much for all your information you have posted. hubby says i can go back (for the 10+ time) after it’s been out for a week.
    but, as i am reading, i can’t find, is there like a slider of something to calculate points, or do you have to use an app or a book (little green one :))? i was sent a survey to do by WW a few months back, asked questions about what i would like to see them change or do. i got a $5 virtual gift card. if i need that calculator i can get it online and save me $5.
    again thanks for the info. this new plan sounds so right up my ally, i am diabetic, (sugar), doctor said i needed to watch sat fat(number above normal) and found out i have a binge eating disorder. therapist thinks just the meetings alone will do me good. if they aren’t so much on the scale number now(that’s what i am reading), it helps me better.
    i want one of those shirts too.

    • says

      Those are great shirts! Yes, I think the plans fits right with what you want to work on. There is no slider, since it depends so much on what the food is. You can buy the handheld calculator (I paid $9.95) for it and it works fine. You put in the 4 pieces of nutritional info (calories, sat. fat, sugar and protein) and it tells you the SmartPoints. There is also a calculator on the WW website and, if you have a smartphone, there is an app with a calculator. There are books that have SmartPoints for some foods, but I think most people are going to want to use either the online calculator or app or the handheld calculator.

  13. says

    Thank you for the updated information. I recently came across your blog last week. I live in the US and my next meeting is Saturday..You gave a wealth of information in a clear manner..I look forward for a fresh restart.

  14. kerri says

    I just found you today and love your postings…I have just this past week started thinking about going back to WW and there your postings were…thanks for all this great info to help me decide what I will do….

  15. Laura says

    What I’d like to know is how they calculate your daily points allowance. I’m not an e-tools user so I can’t log in anywhere to find out that information. Do you know if the new calculator will figure that out (like the old calculator does for PointsPlus)? Thanks. 🙂

    • says

      The daily and weekly allowances are both based upon weight, age, height, and gender. Yes, the new handheld calculator will calculate it for you.

  16. Marcy says

    Thank you for all the great info, this is the best post I’ve seen about the new program! I really appreciate all the details that you shared.

  17. Noelle says

    Wonderful post! I have a question. I’m afraid that this program is going to be very hard for me. I lost 50 pounds on Momentum and I loved it. I then had to switch to Points Plus and I really struggled because it felt like I could eat less food then momentum. I did lose 60 pounds but it took 3 years. You said that members who were successful on Momentum will like this. That gave me hope! Can you tell me why? Thanks!

    • says

      My sense is that a lot of people found it hard to lose on PointsPlus when they had had success on Momentum. From the reports I’ve seen of staff who have used SmartPoints they have found it easier to lose on SmartPoints even if they are at goal. Obviously, this will be individual for each person. I do think this program really guides people to eat foods that healthier and that are more filling (such as lean protein) so that you are eating less calories, but you feel more full and aren’t hungry. Now, if someone were to still eat a lot of high sugar foods (I’m not talking about having treats, I’m talking about routinely eating lots of high sugar foods) that tend to be high in calories then they may feel that they don’t get enough calories. But, if I take advantage of eating the foods that are lower SmartPoints because they are high in lean protein then I will feel more full, but will still be eating less calories than if I ate that big cookie I was looking at the other day.
      Kitty recently posted…Weight Watchers New Program Meeting DetailsMy Profile

  18. Joy says

    Hello–I join everyone in thanking you for your excellent blog posts about the new SmartPoints plan! My question is, what activity trackers are able to be synced with the plan? I have a Vivofit2. And how will it work? Any info will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    • says

      I know the Fitbits can sync for sure as I have one. At one time I think the Jawbone and the Vivofit could sync but I’m not sure about the Vivofit2 and I’m not sure right now since the website and apps have been changed. Your best bet is to contact WW and ask. For my Fitbit, I go into setting on WW and I can connect it to WW. Basically WW gets data from Fitbit and then I earn Activity points (now FitPoints) from it. Once it is connected I don’t really have to do anything more as it just periodically connects and the data goes from Fitbit to WW.

  19. judy says

    I wonder if I need to choose blended for my juice? I use a breville juicer to make beet apple carrot kale juice. I have been counting it as 3 points per 8 oz. It would be great if it was now zero! !

  20. Stephen says

    Thanks so much for this. A lot of people have been losing their banana this weekend with all the site problems and your post has answered a lot of our questions. Thanks again from the great white north in Canada!!!

  21. Nancy Boulet says

    Hello i just have a question for you is there any application for iphone other then the ww application that will calculated all the smart point? I don’t have access to the ww one
    thanks for your answer


    • says

      I don’t know of anything else. There is a handheld calculator you can buy from Weight Watchers (if you are a member). This is a standalone calculator.

  22. says

    Thank you for this. Nothing on the WW website explains this as well as you have. I have been using the online for 3 years (20lbs lighter) and go and get weighed at a meeting maybe once a quarter. I always found the meetings too much about food (often not healthy) so I like your take on this. Thanks – I can let my angst go and get back to losing weight.
    Linda recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  23. Ann Schaefer says

    Thanks for all of the information that you provide. Can you tell me what the formula equation is for Smartpoints. I used the formula equation for the Pt Plus system and found it helpful when purchasing snacks and breaking down my own recipes to determine the points. I don’t wish to buy a calculator. Would appreciate you help.
    Thanks in advance,

    • says

      I don’t know what the formula is. In general, though, high sugar foods will up the SmartPoints value a lot. So, will high saturated food. But, if there is a lot of protein that will move the SmartPoints back down. If you are a Weight Watchers member, you can play around with the online (or app) calculator and can get a feel for how the values change depending on those factors (and, of course, calories).

    • says

      I didn’t do many recipes under the old plan, but did create a lot of foods. On those I had to go in there and put in the missing nutritional information that wasn’t there before. So I didn’t have to reenter what was there but had to put in the things that are in the new formula that wasn’t entered already.

    • says

      I haven’t eaten any foods with sugar alcohols, but I believe that sugar alcohols are treated like any ingredient that is not sugar, sat. fat or protein. They are not part of the calculation as the calculation only includes calories, sat. fat, sugar and protein.

    • says

      I haven’t eaten any foods with sugar alcohols, but I believe that sugar alcohols are treated like any ingredient that is not sugar, sat. fat or protein. They are not part of the calculation as the calculation only includes calories, sat. fat, sugar and protein.

  24. teri says

    Yikes..! The last time I was on WW was in 2007/2008 lost 95 pounds.. NOW I am well over 450 pounds. I am way too embarrassed to go back to any local meetings for I used to be every ones inspiration. I don’t want to be judged by others and even though folks say they don’t judge, they do. It’s human nature – sadly. Anyway I am ready to start all over again. I used to use the CORE Plan – very successful – no sugar concept. Do they call it CORE any longer and is that an option.

    • says

      Yes, it is basically what is now called Simply Filling. I remember when I started regaining weight after I got to a really low goal. I was embarrassed to go back and didn’t want to go back until I had lost weight. What I ended up doing was gaining more weight. Are there other meetings you could attend at another location? Ultimately (when I had gained back 60 pounds) I did that. I wish now I had gone back to the meetings sooner and gotten what I needed, regardless of what anyone else though. If there are no local options you feel comfortable going to, you can be an online only member. You could lose some weight there and then go back to meetings when you felt comfortable.

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