New Low Weight on SmartPoints!

I was delighted this morning to wake up to a new low weight (unofficial) on Weight Watchers SmartPoints!  I say unofficial because this was on my home scale and isn’t an official weigh in.  But, it is the lowest I’ve weighed on any scale since 1991.

Withings 12-08-2015

The above is my weight loss graph over the last 3 months.  The line is the smoothed line graph.  The dots are the actual weight.  This morning I weighed 144.8 pounds on my Withings scale!  This is important to me because it is the lowest I’ve been in 24 years and because it seems that SmartPoints has helped me to get off my plateau.

I finally got (back) to goal on July 31 of this year.  On that day, I weighed in at 145.8 pounds at Weight Watchers, which was 145.4 pounds on my home scale.  I haven’t been able to get below that weight since then. Some of it was intentional.  When I got to goal, I decided to take a couple of months to adjsut to maintenance before deciding what to do.  Ultimately, I decided to work on my body composition to reduce body fat.  I had a plan to do strength training to work on keeping (ultimately, building) muscle while losing body fat.

Losing weight itself wasn’t so much the goal as losing fat.  But, with the body fat I still have even though I’m normal weight (I’m skinny fat!), I knew I would probably end up needing to lose about 10 pounds to get where I want to be.  So, about the time the graph above started, I was wanting to lose a little weight.

But…nothing happened.  I was about 147 then.  It was….OK from a Weight Watchers lifetime status.  I just have to weigh in at 148 pounds or below to maintain free status.  And I was able to go it.  But, as you can see my weight fluctuated a lot.  During November, I most went up because I was just flat out overeating.  No excuses.  It was my bad choices.  I started getting a grip on Thanksgiving and then started using SmartPoints.

You can see the results in the graph.  I’ve  gotten below 145 pounds for the first time, after not making any progress at all.  I just kept going up then getting back down some, but I could never seem to get below 146 pounds.

And, finally, I’m here.  I know some of this loss is water weight, but I’ll still take it.  I tend to have my weight fluctuate quite a bit as you can see from the graph.  But, the main point is that since I started SmartPoints the trend has been downward ending in that lovely dot at 144.8 pounds!  I don’t know where I’ll be the next time I weigh in (I don’t actually have to weigh again until January), but this has really gotten me energized to keep following SmartPoints.

Yes, there is still a learning curve to it.  And, I’m sure there will be days that the dot on the weight charge jumps up some.  But, this is the first progress I’ve made in months, so I’m pretty happy right now.


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    Congratulations Kitty! This is reassuring to me to see your graph, also. I’m having some blips up and it feels pretty bad. It’s encouraging to see you have them, too – and that indeed success can come after that! Good job. What major differences did Smart Points bring for you?
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      Thanks! Yes, I was happy to finally see some downward movement. SmartPoints did several thinks for me…not all of that specifically about the food. From the food standpoint, the SmartPoints program is really aligned with what works best for me when things are going well. It penalizes sugar heavily and I do much better when I avoid added sugar. I generally know what those foods are eat them only in small portions, but this does help me identify those foods that may have hidden sugar (like when a food is surprisingly high in points). I do best when I eat lowish carbs (although not super low, maybe 70 to 100g a day) and I find that when I follow SmartPoints I tend to just naturally eat in that range. SmartPoints really encourages the eating of lean protein and I’ve been really focusing on protein lately so that also helps. Basically if I follow the SmartPoints I end up with my protein, carbs, and calories being where I want them to do. From a psychological standpoint doing something new like this just makes me feel energized and I feel motivated to stick with it. I’m not really sure why a new plan does that, but it seems to do that.

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