Making A Weight Watchers Pandora Charm Bracelet

Like many Weight Watchers members, I have lots of Weight Watchers charms that I’ve collected.  I’ve not been happy with using them on my Weight Watchers key ring, since the rings keep breaking if I try to actually put keys on them.  Today, I made a Pandora charm bracelet using my Weight Watchers charms and some Pandora charms.  I got this idea from seeing someone do this on Facebook and was eager to try it.  I mentioned it to my husband and he gave me a Pandora gift card for Christmas, so we set off for the mall this morning.  I was very happy with the result:

WW Pandora Finished

Weight Watchers Charms

I first started with my 12 Weight Watchers charms:

WW Charms

In order the top row charms are : 25  pounds lost, 50 pounds lost, goal, lifetime key, 5% loss and 10% loss.

The bottom row charms are attendance charms.  Most of these are for something like attending 10 out 12 meetings over a period of time.  The clapping hands charm is for 16 weeks of membership.  In some cases, I actually had other charms that I had earned in the past that wouldn’t fit on a charm bracelet:

Ken Ring

The larger “washer” type charms at the top were for losing 25 and 50 pounds. I had two of the 25 pound charms because I lost that weight, got a charm, regained, lost the weight again, and got the 25 pound charm again.  Thankfully, I kept that off and lost more and got the 50 pound charm.  Since the washers wouldn’t really fit on a charm bracelet, I replaced them with the current smaller 25/50 pound charms.

I still have the Key to the Future that I received almost 25 years ago when I first got to goal:

Key front

Since it is ginormous, I replaced it with the current, much smaller lifetime key.

Pandora Bracelet and Chain

The first step to creating a Pandora charm bracelet is to choose between the several Pandora bracelets.  Before choosing a bracelet, I read several articles and watched a number of YouTube videos about the different bracelets.  This video gave me a lot of information about Pandora bracelets. At first, I thought I wanted a bangle bracelet, but after finding out you can put more charms on the classic bracelet, I decided to go that way.  I also didn’t want the lobster claw clasp, so that narrowed it down some more.

I liked the bracelet with the heart clasp, and thought about the one with the 14k gold clasp (pricier than I wanted to pay).  Finally, I decided to go for the bling and get the classic sterling silver charm bracelet with the pavé cubic zirconia clasp.  One concern with a charm bracelet is the clasp coming loose, so I added on the heart safety chain.  This chain is two tone as it has 14K gold hearts:

Bracelet and Chain

Here is a closer look at the clasp and the safety chain:

Clasp and Chain

Note the thread which you can see to the left of the clasp.  There are 4 threads on the bracelet.  There is one on each side of the clasp.  One side of the safety chain is threaded onto the thread on the right.  The other end of the safety chain will ultimately be threaded on the left thread.

There are also 2 more threads on the bracelet, each about a third of the way around:


When I first saw the threads, I wondered why they were there and thought they were decorative.  Actually, they are quite important.  Most Pandora charms have a threaded core. Spacers don’t and some openwork pavé charms don’t either (there may be others that don’t have threaded cores, but those are the ones I know about).  The threads keep charms sliding around on the bracelet.  And, by dividing charms around the bracelet, you keep the weight of the charms more balanced and lessen wear on the bracelet.

Also, a charm with a threaded core doesn’t just slip over the thread.  You have to twist it so it passes over the thread.  The thread at the end that the clasp is not on prevents charms from just easily falling off when the clasp is opened.  Therefore, the threads help to keep the threaded charms on the bracelet. Of course, I also bought a safety chain that is threaded onto the threads at the end.

Bracelet Layout

The first thing that I did was a layout to plan out where I wanted to put the charms:

Bracelet Layout

On the left, I started out with a Pandora charm, followed by the clapping hands Weight Watchers charm.  I put the Pandora charm at the end so that the last charm was one with a threaded core.  In the pictures here, I have the clapping hands on the end, but I have since moved it to be the third charm from the end.  It was getting caught in the safety chain, so I moved it while I was writing this post.  One nice thing about Pandora bracelets is that it is easy to move charms around.

In the picture, I have several Pandora charms, along with my Weight Watchers charms.  Most of the charms are either pavé or have purple or pink (purple is my favorite color). Notice the two clips that I have at the threads on the bracelet.

Putting the Bracelet Together

Clips open up and are then snapped in place over the threads:

Open ClipClosed Clip

Of course, remember that you have to put the charms in place that go to the right of the clip before you put the clip in place.  Once the clips are in place, the bracelet is divided into thirds and charms stay in their designated third of the bracelet.

I continued to put charms on the bracelet, carefully threading the threaded Pandora charms over the threads. See even the Lucky Cat charm has a pink heart on it.

Cat Charm

When all charms are on the bracelet then the end of the safety chain is threaded onto the thread on the end opposite the clasp.  The bracelet is done.

Completed Bracelet

And here is the completed bracelet on my arm:

Bracelet on Hand

Bracelet on Hand 2

I thought it came out great and really enjoy being able to display my Weight Watchers charms on a beautiful bracelet.  I love it that it is really very easy to move charms around.  In fact, having worn the bracelet a couple of hours, I will probably move around some of the charms.  And, I suspect I will have more Pandora charms (and bracelets) in my future…