January Weigh In

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in this morning.  Like most years, there were a lot more people there today for the new year, than were there last week.  My weigh in was unsurprising to me.

Weigh in 1-2-2016

(Wow.  Isn’t that image on the weigh in page at Weight Watchers the most dreary thing ever?  I just shake my head when I see it.  It makes me feel depressed just looking at it.)

I was up .8 pounds, to 146.2 pounds.  I was not surprised because the last 2 weeks of December, I had family visiting and was eating out more and holiday eating, etc.  Still, I was overall happy with the weigh in.  Back in November, I did a post on surviving the holiday eating season.  One of things I advocated for in that post was to simply set a goal for the holiday season.  My goal this year was to simply lose something during this time.  At my November weigh in, I was at 147 pounds.  Now, I am at 146.2 pounds.  So, I did have a small loss during those 2 months and I’m very content with that.

After the meeting we went out to lunch to a Mediterranean restaurant where I had a 26 SmartPoints meal.  This is one of those times when I did choose to have some sugar with a couple of small pieces of Baklava.  Most of the meal was really good stuff though, almost entirely vegetarian (I did have a couple of bites of chicken).  This will be my big eating out meal for the week and I expect this will end up being my high point day.  I’m currently at 35 SmartPoints for the day (I had an 11 point dinner – salmon cake and some veggies).  I will have some pistachios later (5 SmartPoints) and maybe some fruit or a 1 point cheese stick.  So, I will blow through 10 or 11 weekly points today, but that is OK.

I went for a long walk with my husband in our hilly neighborhood in the afternoon and have had my best step day in awhile.


  1. Carolyn H. says

    I really enjoy your blog and can relate in many ways – age, weight, dieting history. I’m also a lurker on the WWPointsPlus message board and always find your responses to be well thought out, measured, and without the ’emotional responses’ of some others. I appreciate that you are well-read and provide great insight about learning how to change one’s diet. I’m hoping to get to the place where you are – accepting that I have to change my eating habits as I get older.

  2. says

    I’ve been coming back and forth for a couple of years having a read of your blog. I walked into my local Weight Watchers last Tuesday and joined up. It’s been a learning week but I’ve done well. If it wasn’t that I had joined I would have stopped and starting bingeing again and started again on Monday but I’ve had a good week so far. It’s WI day tomorrow so I’m a bit excited.

    • says

      Good luck on your weigh in! Hope it goes well for you. Sometimes even when I’ve had a good week the scale doesn’t cooperate (it can be delayed a week), but when it does cooperate it is a great feeling.

  3. Beth S says

    Certainly fell off the bandwagon this long weekend, but back on it today. My weigh in is Thursday, hopefully I’ve caught it in enough time so that if I gain it’s just 1-2 lbs. Here’s to 2016!

  4. Angela says

    Good morning! (It is here in the UK!)

    I joined WW 3 days ago and, with the exception of New Year’s Eve when i drank far to much wine, I’ve been on plan. Like you, this isn’t my first time at the rodeo – I lost a lot of weight with weight watchers around 2002 and maintained for several years but now have around 70lbs to lose. As my weight crept up I tried to rejoin several times but couldn’t quite recapture the moment. Anyway, here we are.

    I read your entire website yesterday and found it useful and interesting. I like your writing style and appreciate the analytical approach that you have. I like to think and plan and strategies too and find that missing from meeting and the magazines. Back at the turn of the century I used the ww forums and message boards and am sorry to see them go but I’m grateful that blogs and blogs now exist and apps and Fitbits too!

    I want to start this time with a beginner’s mind but using my previous experience.

    Thank you for this blog – I’ve enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the 2017 episodes.

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